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Whose Journey is it??

This morning I dropped Eli off for his first day ever of day camp.  He hesitated for a moment leaving the car.  I began to offer assistance and then stopped myself and waited a moment and breathed.  Next  he dashed … Continue reading

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Surrender & Gratitude;The Hare, The Bear

Friday lead in to my son’s big birthday weekend.  His grandma headed north to join the festivities.  Sometimes in the past, this visit filled me with trepidation. Not because of my mother in law,  I am fortunate we have an open, … Continue reading

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I Forgive

Recently, I experienced an act by someone that truly was malicious and vindictive.  I struggled at first to forgive.  Some friends asked me how I could even think of forgiving this person for the incident and what they did to … Continue reading

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