How to Begin 2015 with Gusto!!


Happy New Year 2015

Last day of this year. Slept half an hour later. Read another chapter of a book on psychics and answered the questions in the back. Meditated. Ran with Eli to Target after significant cuddle & tickle time. Now to finish my last blog of the year.

I ended 2013 with my first blog for this site…so it is a fitting cap to end the year the same way in 2014.

I’m sitting her trying to figure out what to blog about. This has certainly be a year of change and transformation for me and for so many friends and family. A time for growth. WOW. Last year at this time I was still 80% in Corporate America and I’m grateful for all my experiences while there.  What a difference a year makes. It hasn’t all been easy and it hasn’t all felt fun. There have been lots of fun parts and easy parts and then those parts that just feel uncomfortable. Emotions I would rather not feel. So do I talk about that OR  Do I talk about how to begin the New Year with gusto? Is that goals? Maybe? A vision board? Maybe? Intentions? Um, YES!  Writing it down? Absolutely! Believing? You bet!!! Reflection? Sure! Regrets? NOPE. Lessons learned. YES! Looking forward with excitement? But of course!

Ultimately, I want to post and send out information that will help people.   We are the same and share so many of the same feelings. I know for me focusing on how we are the same comforts me.  As always, please take what you want and what resonates and leave the rest.

So here is how I approach the New Year:

1) Reflection: I spent time over the last 10 days reflecting the “ups and downs” of this year. Was that all I did for 10 days? No. I was on vacation with my family. Yet, there were moments in the shower, meditation, on the toilet, even some time while hanging at the pool or taking a walk. Now this reflection was not beat ups for what I may perceive as mistakes, it was just thinking about what I experienced, learned, enjoyed, don’t wish to repeat, let go, release, and have lots more of.  And don’t worry if you haven’t started, the time you begin is the best time for you to begin. And no, it doesn’t have to be 10 days.  If you spend less time and that works for you, working for you is what it is all about.

2) Let GO: Many times I’ve had one or more uncomfortable experiences that I just keep dwelling on and I don’t want to take those feelings into a New Year. So…I write about them.  I say everything and anything.  I don’t edit, I’m definitely NOT PC (potty mouth alert) and I’m very honest.  And then when I’m truly ready to let it go, I light it on fire and let the entire thing burn with love and gratitude for the experience and what I’ve learned.  The ashes I give back to Mother earth so they may be recycled into something beautiful.  I definitely feel lighter emotionally afterwards.

3) Look ahead: As I look towards 2015, what are my desires, intentions, changes, growth, evolutions I seek for: myself, my career, my family, my relationships, my body, my spirituality, etc. Are they realistic and believable to me? Do they excite me and do I feel happy? As I sit with them, I get more clarity. They are NOT in stone and yet I’m committed. So I write them down. Knowing the entire time that while I’m committed to these desires and intentions, I remain flexible too.  I write them on a slip of paper I can go back to and revisit.  Sometimes I carry mine in my wallet and will look at them while standing in line at the grocery store.  I usually save a copy in my computer too.  I think that is that type A thing.  If I feel a tweak, I make a note and revise the page .

4) Vision Board: This one may not be something you are in too. I get so much from my creative side. None of my boards have been the same or made the same. One year I painted in colors and the colors represented my vision.  Another year I collected leaves, rocks and twigs from nature and used them for my vision.  A third  year, I scanned and clipped pictures and words from magazines. The board is mine and so it is whatever speaks to me for creating it. I figure out what I feel like doing and then I carve out time to do this. If artsy stuff isn’t your bag, skip it, though even if you aren’t artsy, it is a definite way to let your inner child in on your commitments and intentions.  And it can be so much fun.  Allow yourself to have fun with it.  No need to be perfect.

Now don’t think you have to hurry in the next few hours and get all of this completed.  This is my January for ME project.  I create time throughout the month, NO PRESSURE…just joy and commitment.  And throughout the month of January , I am excited and full of energy feeling my MOJO race with the anticipation of another wonderful year full of promise and gratitude and thus beginning the New Year with Gusto.

Thank you for becoming a reader of my blog this year and staying with me.  I am so grateful for your support, your comments and your beautiful spirits.  May you have a wonderful night tonight as we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015.  Happy New Year

Lovingly Lotus



Hints for Getting through the Holidays, Choice.


The holidays bring up so much stuff for so many.  Thanksgiving used to be my least fave holiday.  In my memory someone was always yelling; I hated the food and the memory of this holiday became one of YUCK!  Then Marc (my boyfriend then and now my hubby) said to me “We should make Thanksgiving at my house.” It would be a great way for our families to meet.  And I was thrown back to my old memories of not liking the holiday.  As I shared my less than happy memories, I remember Marc saying to me “we can shift or change how we experience this holiday and set the tone if you are open (gotta love when my own words come back to me).  And once you’ve had my turkey, you’ll love the food.”  I was in love and coming from Marc it sounded great.  So I agreed.  That was 13 years ago.  I remember being up at 530am with Marc that day.  We were sitting on his kitchen floor in our pjs spraying windex on the linoleum and scrubbing it with paper towels (someone told us this got rid of scuff marks) and laughing.  That day it became my favorite holiday.  The tone was set.  We’ve hosted almost all Thanksgivings since that year and I still love it including the food. 

I don’t want you to think we live in a glass house of perfection. Far from the truth.  Marc and I chose how we would receive the day.  We still had the energy, moods and choices of as many as 15 other people (depending on the year).  Some people complain out of habit, others are quiet and moody at times, some spend lots of time looking at their phone.  We cannot control any of it and we don’t even try.  We CHOOSE to let it roll and love and accept them and focus on the joy we feel in preparing for the holiday.  Funny thing is at some point everyone is laughing and having a good time. 

What I take with me as I approach all holidays and everyday comes from the same thing Marc reminded me of that day.  Choice.  Choosing how I approach my time with family, friends, peers, and even clients.  It sounds so simple and it isn’t always.  Our family knows our stuff, knows how to push our buttons, but each of us chooses the reaction of our buttons being pushed. 

So how do I go into the holidays for my own best possible outcome? Here is what I do.  Give it a try and choose the tone with your loved ones. I even use these tools as I shop for the food to cook as well as gift buying:

1) Meditate: Even if it is only 5 minutes, the quiet moments keep me balanced. 

2) Take a walk or go to yoga: Before and after the holiday together time allows me  time to release.

3) Breathe: Before I speak or should I say REACT, the breath provides a pause allowing more cognitive thought to take place then an emotion-filled reaction.

4) Smile: Sharing my smile helps others to do the same, it is contagious

5) Be in the right now: I don’t get in my head and think about other situations, previous wounds, the past , etc. Being present right now allows me to enjoy the moment and find the silly things to laugh about and I LOOOVE to laugh

6) Laugh: When I allow myself to enjoy and be silly, I laugh a lot and it feels great.  It is also contagious.

As we move through this holiday season, try something new…conscious choice and ENJOY!!!

Lovingly Lotus