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Come see me at SHiFT this year,  March 24, 2018 

I’ve attended SHiFT for many years and remember my first year and the incredible readings I received which brought about profound healing as I continued on my path of creating life as I desired living.

The day was packed with incredible teachers and healers challenging me with new ideas or different viewpoints and a community of like minded beautiful souls.  HUGE IMPACT to my life.

In my efforts to serve and live my life purpose, paying it forward, I’m joining SHiFT this year bringing Intuitive Energy Healing and my table to the reader area offering 20 minute sessions.  I don’t often do something like this.  Yet I remember the “ZAP” my mini sessions had on my life and want to do the same for you.

If you are in the Charlotte area or can get here, it’s more than worth your time. It’s Life SHiFTing!!!

What is SHiFT? SHiFT is an immersion for your body mind and soul.  Healers, Readers, Teachers, Vendors and like minded community all together for a powerful day.  It could be just the experience that moves you forward towards life as you desire.   Come see me and take a stroll through the energy of what awaits you on the reading floor on Saturday March 24th. Tickets and more information at


The Whys and Wonders of Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation has become mainstream.  Yet so many people avoid it because they can’t figure out how to get it into their life.  I have a magical way to help people create a practice that meets you where you are so you can get relief from so many complaints.

Meditation saved my life.  I learned it when in treatment for Bulimia.  My life began to change.  Over the years, I developed and evolved my practice as my lifestyle shifted and changed.  I am so hugely passionate about how a practice can support your relief from a variety of complaints so I created an online event to help more people begin accessing meditation from

I could list pages of the suffering meditation & mindfulness supports, here are 7 big ones:

  • Stress/Tension – Every day tension we all experience.  who couldn’t use some relief from it plus the aches and pains that stem from it when we do nothing? Then there are the SUPER stressful experiences that whack us out of our comfort and into big FEAR.  How do you get through them and bounce back?


  • Cluttered thinking or Full brain – Full brain makes it hard to be present at work and can impact your ability to think clearly, your memory and has huge effects on productivity at work and interaction with clients.  It can cause huge mistakes that can blow up your career or set you back


  • Insomnia or Restless Sleep – Sleep is the body’s way of re-energizing, healing, working through stressful situations, calming; When sleep suffers you feel exhausted in every way imaginable.  Your moods are affected.  Your ability to cope is affected. Your brain doesn’t get quiet and feels cluttered. The impact to your life, your work, your relationships and your health can be hugely detrimental


  • Irritability/Impatience – If you’re feeling stressed, not getting great sleep and have a full brain or some combination of these, you’re likely to be irritable or impatient.


  • Low-Self-esteem – When you don’t feel worthy or valuable, struggle with boundaries, compensate by overtalking or “fading into the shadows”, struggle with trusting others or 2nd guess your decision- all of these fall under this lack of self.


  • High Blood Pressure – HBP is often a result of stress gone unchecked.  It is one of many physical symptoms that can be supported through meditation with miraculous results


  • Anxiety/Depression – Traumas, Fears, Stress, and Low Self-esteem all contribute towards anxiety and depression.

If any of these complaints are your complaints, join me for an online event so you can begin to feel relief from complaints.  I’m doing this online so you can join from anywhere and even be in your pjs.

I know so many of my clients resisted and gave me lots of reasons why this wasn’t for them.  You’re probably intrigued and yet saying one or some of these too:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t have or want to spend the money.
  • I wanted to do it, tried it and it doesn’t work for me.
  • My mind never stops.  I have too much going on.
  • I can’t figure out where to begin so I don’t do it at all.
  • I did it for awhile and got off track and now I don’t know how to get back.

Each client that said yes to this event, jumped in to working with me and creating a practice that met them where they were and they never looked back.

Their lives changed significantly at work, at home, inside themselves, in relationships.

So if you’re unsure of how or if, yet you are ready to get relief from your complaints.  Reach out and sign up for this event.

I’ll share my story of how I fought and then embraced meditation and how it changed my life.

You’ll learn what meditation and mindfulness is and isn’t

I’ll walk you through a simple tool you can take anywhere and begin finding relief.

We’ll meditate together

And you’ll get the opportunity to get one on one support from me to create a practice that meets you where you are today and will evolve as you evolve.

People pay hundreds and thousands to get information like this.  I want you to get the help I did so I made this affordable at $54.

Here is where you say yes, I’m in.  Fill out this form and I’ll send you the link to pay, the link for the event and add you to intimate group.

Reconnect, Recharge, Reset:

An Intuitive – Energy Healing-Mediumship
Private experience event coming soon

*Events have limited space; if you are interested, contact me at 704-516-0616 and secure your spot early.*



Conscious Coffee Convos

Next date coming soon

Conscious Coffee Convo, C 3:  A free conscious collective conversation where I answer questions, share some powerful tips and support you taking the next step in your incredible journey.

If you are feeling stuck, stale or avoiding  and you either know why, want to know why and are looking for ways to energize , then say YES.
What will it take? An hour of your time and if you buy a cup of coffee, the cost of that.

To keep this intimate, it is limited to the first 10 RSVPs.  Keep your eye out for the next date.
XO Marni


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