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The Whys and Wonders of Meditation and Mindfulness

Wednesday May 16, 2018 7pm – 8pm Online

‘I have a magical way of helping people create a personalized meditation practice that meets you exactly where you are, so you can get relief.’ 

Do YOU experience? 

*Stress*Tension*Cluttered Thinking* Irritability* Impatience* Insomnia* Restless Sleep* Anxiety* Depression* Low Self-Esteem* Low Self-Worth* High Blood Pressure

And you KNOW meditation will help you, BUT you just don’t do it.

You start and stop; download the latest app but don’t actually use it; judge yourself for not doing it ‘right’ or doing it at all; think you’re just not someone who CAN meditate.

Do you avoid meditation because you can’t figure out HOW to truly, fully and sustainably integrate it into your life? 

Meditation has become mainstream.  Yet so many, just like you,  avoid it because they can’t figure out how to get it into their life.  I have a magical way to help people create a practice that meets you where you are so you can get relief.

I’m here to help, I know I can help and I want to help you.  Meditation and Mindfulness saved my life.  I learned it while in treatment for Bulimia and it helped me change my life.  Over the years, I developed and evolved my practice as my lifestyle shifted and changed.  I am so hugely passionate about how a practice can support your relief from a variety problems, induced by stress. I created this online event to help you begin accessing meditation from anywhere.

Join me for this online event so you can finally commit to a practice that will serve and support you — no matter where you are starting– while providing a reprieve from your problems.  Join from anywhere, dressed anyhow.

So many of my clients resisted this support and gave me lots of reasons why meditation & mindfulness wasn’t for them.  Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • I don’t have time.
  • I tried it, but it just doesn’t work for me.
  • My mind never stops.  I have too much going on. 
  • I’m not the kind of person who can meditate. 
  • I can’t figure out where to begin.
  • I did it for a while and got off track and now I don’t know how to get back. 
  • I’m just not someone who’s consistent.
  • I don’t have or want to spend the money.  

Each client that said YES to this event jumped into working with me, creating a practice that met them exactly where they were — and they feel SO good, they’ve never looked back.  

“I couldn’t believe how this melded into my life. Being more relaxed and focused, I got more done in less time at work, really everywhere. I clearly hear clients to take action. My business has grown and I’m working more reasonable hours so I spend more time with my family and I’m really WITH them.”
– Craig M.

“I am still amazed at times how such a short time doing this can shift my day. I feel happier. My shoulders are no longer up around my ears.”  -Barbara S.

“I wake up easier and happy. Work is easier and I get more done. I trust my decisions. Clients are trusting me more with larger deals. Grumpy chick is gone. It’s not just work. Intimacy with my hubby increased too.”
-Lucy P.

Their lives changed significantly at work, at home, inside themselves, and in relationships.

So if you’re unsure of how or if, but you are ready to feel so much better:

Join me on Wednesday May 16, 2018, 7pm-8pm online. 

  • You’ll learn what meditation and mindfulness is and isn’t 
  • I’ll walk you through a simple tool you can take anywhere and will help you right away. 
  • We’ll meditate together.
  • And you’ll get the opportunity to get one on one support from me to create a practice that meets you where you are today and will evolve as you evolve.  

People pay hundreds of dollars to get personal support like this.

If you sign up today, it’s only $54.  Here is where you say, YES, I’m in. 

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Reconnect, Recharge, Reset:

An Intuitive – Energy Healing-Mediumship
Private experience event coming soon

*Events have limited space; if you are interested, contact me at 704-516-0616 and secure your spot early.*



Conscious Coffee Convos

Next date coming soon

Conscious Coffee Convo, C 3:  A free conscious collective conversation where I answer questions, share some powerful tips and support you taking the next step in your incredible journey.

If you are feeling stuck, stale or avoiding  and you either know why, want to know why and are looking for ways to energize , then say YES.
What will it take? An hour of your time and if you buy a cup of coffee, the cost of that.

To keep this intimate, it is limited to the first 10 RSVPs.  Keep your eye out for the next date.
XO Marni


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