Healing with Marni

Marni helps professionals heal stress and tension creating more wholeness and Simha (Joy in Hebrew)  inside them and as a result they leave pains in the dust feeling lighter, brighter and enjoying life more deeply even when coping with stressful experiences.

energy healing

Intuitive Energy Healing:  Using a powerful melding of  Intuitive Energy Healing modalities, I  help you shift gears. Working together, you begin shifting towards the life of your hearts desire.  It’s all about finding inner peace and happier, pain-free, more positive daily living so when the shit hits the fan and you feel like your “cracking”, you’re able to bounce back quicker feeling joy and wholeness.

I see clients in my office or remotely via phone or Zoom/Skype.

My clients are daring, committed and eager to leave their stress behind.  If this is you, I sacredly invite you to click on the contact page and schedule a stress release discovery call with me.

Through our call we’ll talk about your complaints.  The stuff that makes you feel stressed and tense and where it’s showing up in your body and your life.  Then we’ll talk about  your desires, your dreams and the direction you want for yourself, for your life.   If we feel the pull that we are a good fit, I’ll share with you how what  I do can help you unstick your life.  You’ll find clarity for yourself to move forward to the next step in your life.  And if we don’t feel a move forward is in the cards for us, you’ll still gain clarity for moving forward.

Meditation: Meditation saved my soul.  It’s the transforming technique for preventing the voice in your head (I call it fear or ego) from leading you around by the nose.   It won’t make you taller or better-looking, nor will it magically solve all of your problems. Yet, it WILL support stress relief, rewire your brain and increase your self-esteem, lower your heart rate, boost your immune system, manage your anxiety, help you sleep and create inner peace.

So many people get stuck thinking it has to look a certain way or be a certain way or be super long.  Then their obstacles of not enough time and can’t get quiet get involved and a SUPER BLOCK to this awesome SUPER TOOL becomes so big, it feels too hard to overcome.

I work with clients helping you develop YOUR STYLE that meets you where you are TODAY and grows with you as you evolve.

It’s a practice, NOT a perfect.  And I’ll show you how less than 5 minutes can change your life.

I make meditation accessible. Trust me, it CAN change your life!!

Home or Office  Blessing, Cleansing & Protection:   Does your home, property or office feel off? Was your sanctuary now a place you avoid or feel uncomfortable?  Clients hire me to cleanse, bless, and protect their space from negative energy. 

Moving to a new home or office?  I bless and cleanse your space making way for a joyful and successful beginning in your new place OR when selling your space so it sells? I cleanse your space and set the stage for your best possible outcome as you prepare for your next life chapter.  

Ordained Minister: I became ordained (ordained by Universal Life Church Monastery-interdenominational) to help couples create a ceremony that speaks and feels like who you are, your life together and your love.  Through our pre-ceremony counseling, I listen to your desires of how the ceremony will flow, discuss the feeling you hope to create; I learn about you as a couple which helps me write your personalized ceremony.

If you are marrying, committing or renewing vows and want a ceremony that speaks and feels of your love and personality, let’s schedule time together and create your heart’s desire…




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