Most of us out there experience some sort of stress in our lives everyday. Stress always exists, yet so does Ease. So if you experience stress daily, how do you know when Stress is controlling your life?

Here are 5 easy signs telling you stress is controlling your life:

1) Physical Signs:
You’re seeing doctors or using alternative resources but these never quite go away or you experience consistent flair ups. Maybe you’ve connected the dots to your stress. Maybe you haven’t connected this to stress.

a) tightness often leading to aches or pains in areas of the body-mouth/jaw; neck/shoulders; back; legs /feet

b) digestive issues, reflux, bowel issues, high blood pressure, hair loss, stys, acne

c) consistent or immune issues including allergies which flair up during stressful situations or after


2) Your “feathers easily ruffle”/ Impatience is your M.O.:

a) Whether you believe you’re in a happy state or not, you become impatient easily and often with almost everyone about anything from a parking spot to where to go for dinner. People often ask if you’re angry. It’s all over you and your energy like a suit.

b) You complain so often you don’t even realize it’s become part of your personality. You rationalize it as “taking care of yourself” or “expressing your opinion”. You might believe you’re expressing gratitude often and not even notice all the complaints because people around you act the same way.

c) You find yourself apologizing often for over-reacting, jumping to conclusions (mind reading), saying things you didn’t mean, in the “heat of the moment”, “taking it too far”


3) Avoidance/Numbing:
You have a “go to” way of not feeling the feelings you don’t want to feel by numbing yourself by:

a) overuse of technology: lost time in social media, gaming or tv binging

b) “stress eating” – comfort foods, overeating

c) overuse of alcohol or drugs

d) procrastinating: paying bills, working out, putting off friends or meetings, putting off work, postponing having fun…any action or inaction keeping you from healthy lifestyle and consistent self-care or productivity including relaxing


4) Cluttered Mind:

a)You find it hard to think clearly

b) You second guess yourself

c) You’re EASILY distracted; described as “squirrel”


5) Worry/Down in the Dumps:

a) You consistently create worry though you may not see you’re creating the worry (self-induced focus on fears coming from your ego)

b) You often feel overwhelmed by life, down in the dumps, unmotivated, unhappy, avoiding friends and situations that you enjoy or finding yourself not enjoying activities you once enjoyed.

c) You feel “blue” or “negative” often, yet this isn’t how you typically feel inside. You know something is off and you blame situations outside you: work, relationships, friendships, love, money or about you: body dissatisfaction, hair, or skin

You may see yourself in parts of each of these signs. I know for my own stress and stress I see with clients it’s typical to experience all 5 signs of stress and the signs can change over time.

You think you’re hiding it from the rest of the world, but that’s an illusion. It comes out everywhere and it keeps your from feeling good inside and out.

You feel joy and happiness at times and yet it’s inconsistent or not a feeling of easeful happiness you could be feeling. I know because this was me at one time.

So… what can you do if stress is controlling you and keeping you feeling overdone?

I developed easy techniques to help myself reduce stress consistently. I don’t like things that are complex or take lots of time. Remember, impatience was one of the signs. My tools meld into my lifestyle and don’t take lots of time and reduce or eliminate my stress.

The techniques I’ve refined and consistently use today helped me re-wire my brain; re-align my energy, bounce back easier from big stress, help me feel steady and help me manage, reduce or eliminate the signs of daily stresses.

It’s magical how you can have tools which help you shift in one minute and how the effects of using these tools consistently, increase over time.

If your life is controlled by Stress and your ready to kick it in the ass and take back your happiness and ease, I invite you to join me for Sacred Stress Solutions (click for info)Wednesday July 11th 12pm-2pm EST in person or online. I would LOVE to see you and support you in kicking stress in the ass.

PS. If you know anyone that is ruled by stress, please share this with them. These tools changed my life and it could change theirs too. They’ll thank you.