I am a happy soul believing something as small as a smile holds the power to greatly impact everyone around me, including me.  

I dream and believe in a world of acceptance and love; accepting and loving my own perfect imperfections and yours while you accept and love yourselves, each other and me, perfectly imperfectly.  

I believe all emotions and feelings originate from Love or Fear. 

And I believe everything experienced in this lifetime occurs for a reason ultimately for our highest good, especially the uncomfortable stuff. 

And I wake every day with a passionate desire deep in my heart and soul to support & heal.

I help people move from feelings of self-doubt, feeling stuck, or physical or emotional pain, and into living life where you feel at ease, comfortable in your own skin, smiling from the inside out. When I touch someone, you feel the energy going through you. I partner on a soul level with people guiding you to become aware, heal, release and let go of what you don’t want AND transform yourself and your life creating physical and emotional healing, feeling happier, moving towards living your heart’s desire .

For the last 20 years, I extensively studied and practiced meditation, energy healing, journaling, blogging, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, intuition, chakras, Reiki, yin empowerment, crystals, sound healing, clearing spaces, tarot, art, shamanism, public speaking and leadership training. I experienced sweat lodges, drumming journeys and acupuncture. I received my B.S. in Communications from Appalachian State University with extensive study in marketing and psychology. I am a certified Intuitive Energy Healer. Last year I became a Minister through the Universal Life Church performing marriages. In 2012, I realized my dream to visit and study in India where I became a certified Reiki Master. My story (below) lead and inspired my study creating who I am today.

My thirst for learning, understanding and sharing remains unquenched and I participate in new courses as often as I can create time to add nuances into my work with clients and through workshops. I work with clients locally in my office, remotely all over the country and through workshops.

I also love reading, writing, outdoors, cooking, dancing, sports (playing & watching), the beach, art, camping,  a new love for “digging in the dirt” and laughing.  I have an infectious laugh and great sense of humor with little or no filter. That is why my husband calls me Giggleslovebug.  I am grateful and feel blessed each day enjoying my life’s journey and smiling like the sun inside and out.

I live just outside Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband, best friend and soulmate, Marc; my delicious son Eli and our fur babies: Killian (dog) and Hunter (cat).

My Story

Early in my life I oozed happiness and experienced many moments of carefree living. Yet I’ve felt different all my life. Different from my family and friends. I knew things and couldn’t explain how I knew them. I had wildly vivid dreams that always seemed so real.

And then one day, I was no longer happy. My life had flipped upside down. Everything I had known and trusted was gone. I no longer felt safe even in my skin. It was a scary time. And to help block all my feelings of fear and sadness, I became bulimic. Bulimia numbed my feelings and I experienced amnesia around so many of my life’s experiences for numerous years. I wasn’t present in my body. I was alive, but not really living. I was filled with rage that would come out of me at the most inappropriate times and destructively.

Over time I was threatened into therapy. My boss told me to get help or GET OUT. So I went 3 days a week kicking and screaming. It took my therapist awhile to earn my trust. Once she did, the damn broke and what flowed out of me was 15+ years of pain, fear, and resentment that I bottled inside with the help of my bulimia. Eventually, I went to treatment and took a huge step in transforming my life and building my self-love and self-esteem.

One of the many therapies I learned in treatment was meditation. Meditation uncorked my amnesia and memories of my true self began flooding back to me as well as all the memories I’d tried to block out. It was a lot to deal with and yet meditation soothed me.

As I remembered myself, I began to feel again and know things I couldn’t explain. I became happier and CHOSE happy. Even on the crappy stressful days, I chose happy. I still acknowledged the crap and stress and sometimes it got me down. Gotta keep it real. Meditation and letting go of what no longer (really never) served me elevated my vibration, helping me rewire my brain, and my friends and “playgrounds” changed. A friend invited me to an Energy Healing class. My life changed again dramatically.

What I learned felt more like remembering than learning something new. It made sense and felt natural. The hardest part for me was trusting myself and listening to what I heard or saw without comparison to anyone else.

Once I learned Energy Healing, I was like someone in a desert just given water. I wanted more and more and more. And what I learned or remembered became part of me. I found myself helping family, friends, and strangers in the grocery store. Seeing the effect on another soul as “just me” was a new kind of happy.

I knew it was a matter of time before I left corporate America to follow my own dreams. And now I had the confidence to do it.




Linda Carter Backes · January 9, 2014 at 10:49 pm

I truly admire your openness and honesty, Marni. Two valuable and precious traits– as you ‘walk your talk’ speaking your truth and being who you are!
Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. I look forward to going along this journey with you and enjoying the ride!
I hold you in my heart, always, as a spiritual sister…
Linda Carter Backes

Rene Timpone · March 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm

I went for a session with Marni and was totally enchanted by her perception and her wisdom. For months I was beating myself up for not being on “purpose” and wondering what to do with my life next. Always looking for a high power assignment to help a business achieve their goals and looking like a wonder woman who came in to save the day. I was burning myself out.

What Marni helped me realize was…I had to let stuff go! When she did energy work on me I felt a peace within myself that I had not felt in a long time. We talked about what I needed and what would make me happy. I am a 10 year breast cancer “Thriver” who decided after treatment to change the way to approach life… Marni observed I was letting my old habits slowly creep back into my life.

I am looking so forward to my next session. Since I visited Marni, I have been breathing more deeply, appreciating my life and my husband’s life more. She is a kind spirit who has my well-being in her heart…

Rene Timpone

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