In your pursuit of healing, I specialize in guiding individuals experiencing pain, be it from loss, overwhelm, physical discomfort, sleep issues, or challenges with gut and immune health. If you find yourself on the edge of sanity, having tried everything and ready for help, our collaboration is designed to provide you with clarity, guidance, and, most importantly, relief from the pain.

My driving force is rooted in a deep desire to offer healing in service to others. I believe all emotions and feelings originate from Love or Fear. Fear, when stuck in the body, can manifest as various issues, including aches, pains, grief, immune health challenges, and more. My unique voice in this crowded market stems from a fusion of childhood gifts – intuition, conversations with spirits, and healing practices – all rediscovered and honed through my personal journey of pain and healing.

With over 30 years of extensive study and lived experience, I’ve delved into various healing modalities, including intuition, meditation, energy healing, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, chakras, Reiki, Pussy Magic, crystals, sound healing, intuitive tarot, intuitive heart led art, shamanic journey, and soul retrieval. My own transformative story has inspired my study and created a foundation of expertise. While I may not hold traditional certificates, my credibility comes from a wealth of knowledge gained through practical application and personal growth.

For those seeking relief and transformation, the next step is clear: reach out to start your healing journey. Whether it’s loss, physical pain, or emotional turmoil, I am here to guide you towards relief, helping you unify your mind, body, and spirit. Consider joining my email list for ongoing support and insights.

I live in the Southwest Mountains of North Carolina, surrounded by the beauty of nature, alongside my incredible son and our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats at Luna Farm. Beyond my healing work, I find joy in reading, writing, nature exploration, cooking, singing, dancing, yoga, sports (especially pickleball lately), mountains, beach, art, camping, and laughter. This journey is not just about pain relief; it’s about embracing life with gratitude, facing the hard stuff one bite at a time, and smiling through as many experiences as you can while authentically acknowledging all your feelings, even the challenging ones.


Linda Carter Backes · January 9, 2014 at 10:49 pm

I truly admire your openness and honesty, Marni. Two valuable and precious traits– as you ‘walk your talk’ speaking your truth and being who you are!
Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. I look forward to going along this journey with you and enjoying the ride!
I hold you in my heart, always, as a spiritual sister…
Linda Carter Backes

Rene Timpone · March 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm

I went for a session with Marni and was totally enchanted by her perception and her wisdom. For months I was beating myself up for not being on “purpose” and wondering what to do with my life next. Always looking for a high power assignment to help a business achieve their goals and looking like a wonder woman who came in to save the day. I was burning myself out.

What Marni helped me realize was…I had to let stuff go! When she did energy work on me I felt a peace within myself that I had not felt in a long time. We talked about what I needed and what would make me happy. I am a 10 year breast cancer “Thriver” who decided after treatment to change the way to approach life… Marni observed I was letting my old habits slowly creep back into my life.

I am looking so forward to my next session. Since I visited Marni, I have been breathing more deeply, appreciating my life and my husband’s life more. She is a kind spirit who has my well-being in her heart…

Rene Timpone

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