I work with people in pain, stemming from a deep heart’s desire to offer healing in service to others. Our collaboration HELPS YOU get RELIEF from pain: loss, overwhelm, physical pain, sleep/relaxation issues and gut & immune health. You’re at the edge of sanity looking for a solution; “tried everything”; ready for help. You feel support from me, receive clarity, get guidance and direction and most of all YOU feel and receive RELIEF from the pain.    

With my guidance and your openness, you feel energy shifting within you. Ultimately, the relief from pain brings about transformation in You both inside and out; feeling happier, more ease and relaxation. Pain relief affects relationships, work, daily living…it knows no bounds .   We partner on a soul level transforming your outside world and relieving pain through healing inside you, unifying your mind, body and spirit. 


I believe all emotions and feelings originate from Love or Fear. Fear gets stuck in your body causing DIS- EASE and showing up in your life as aches and pains; grief; immune health adversity; restless sleep; body dissatisfaction & disconnection; disempowerment; relationship issues; career challenges- basically anything outside of you causing angst, anxiety/overwhelm, anger or even sadness.  

Every life experience occurs for a reason, ultimately for your highest good and moving you forward, especially the uncomfortable stuff. The pain and the muck give us the most profound growth and gifts, though we often don’t see it until later.


The fusion of tools I use come from gifts I used without awareness as a child: intuition, convos with spirits and healing.  I shut them down as part of my own journey of pain.  As I began my own healing, I remembered, found myself drawn to deeper understanding and began to study.

For more than 30 years, I extensively studied and lived in various states of flow using my intuition, meditation, energy healing, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, chakras, Reiki, Pussy Magic, crystals, sound healing, clearing spaces, tarot, art, shamanic journey and soul retrieval.. I experienced sweat lodges, reflexology, and acupuncture. My story (below) led and inspired my study creating who I am today.

My thirst for learning, understanding and sharing remains ongoing and I actively focus on learning more as often as possible.  I also love reading, writing, nature and water, animals, cooking, singing and dancing, yoga, sports (playing & watching), mountains and beach, art, camping, “digging in the dirt” and laughing. I believe laughter and imagination keep you connected to yourself and enjoying life. With my loud infectious laugh and sassy-silly-sexy sense of humor I embrace and face life filled with gratitude. I feel blessed everyday enjoying my life’s journey (eventually even the yuck days) and smiling like the sun while shining like the moon, inside and out.

I live in the Southwest Mountains of North Carolina with my incredible son, Eli and our Nigerian Dwarf goats at Luna Farm.  


 My Story

As a child, I felt happy and free. I knew things and didn’t know or care how I knew them.  I lived life with gusto.  My parents told me I had super vivid dreams (they weren’t dreams). I’ve felt different all my life. Different from family and friends.


 I knew things and couldn’t explain how I knew them. I saw below the surface to what was unsaid or unknown consciously. I spoke to “spirits”. I touched or thought of people with strong love and healing feelings and they felt better. Then one day, my happiness vanished. My life flipped upside down. Everything I knew and trusted disintegrated. I no longer felt safe even in my skin. It was a scary time. None of these awarenesses were in my consciousness at the time. 


I became introverted. Forgetting myself.  Feeling unworthy and unsure, second guessing, pleasing, and developed an eating disorder. 


My response to create “safety” for me blocked fear. I became bulimic. Bulimia numbed my feelings providing amnesia for many years. I wasn’t present or grounded in my body. I was alive, but not really living. I repeated negative patterns over and over. Sex became another tool to numb the pain and temporarily feel better about me. Inside burned rage coming out at the most inappropriate times destroying my life: sabotaging relationships, hurting my self-nourishment, threatening my career, affecting friendships, hurting my sleep, feeling isolated or invisible at times, affecting my immune and physical health including my GUT. 


To save my career, when my boss told me to go to therapy or GET OUT, I went hands folded over my chest like a punished child. Once my therapist earned my trust, the dam broke and 15+ years of pain, fear, and resentment that I bottled inside poured out. The dam breaking was a HUGE shift in me taking back my power. Treatment with other addicts came next transforming my life and a big leap towards rebuilding my self-love, self-esteem and knowing my value.


While in treatment I learned to meditate. Meditation uncorked my amnesia and memories of the real me and my gifts flooded back along with the blocked memories and feelings of pain . Consistent meditation was my first “secret sauce” tool helping me digest larger than life feelings so I could face and embrace them relieving my pain. 

I began connecting to my Intuition consistently again. I became happier.  I still had crappy stressful days yet began feeling the happy I hadn’t felt since I was a kid. 


The crap and stress sometimes gets me down. Gotta keep it real. I learned sometimes you gotta sit in the muck, feel the discomfort and be uncomfortable, glean the gems of wisdom and heal even more deeply moving to greater joy. 


Meditation and letting go of what no longer (really never) served me elevated my vibration, helping me rewire the neurons in my brain, and my life changed. The time came for me to remember about Chakras. My life changed again dramatically.


Chakras made sense and felt natural and unveiled the next place for my growth and healing. TRUST. Which led me to understand what I did as a child with my thoughts and hands, energy healing. Trusting felt impossible.  Yet I discovered and help people like you make the impossible, possible


Family, friends, and strangers in the grocery store sought me out for support and guidance.  Seeing the relief of pain through energy healing on another soul fed my own. 


My next step became understanding the levels of FORGIVENESS first within myself and then for others letting go of so many sacks of shit carried for years bringing a feeling of lightness and ease.


Shifting careers took time. I had a timetable but the universe had other plans.  Instead of leaving my career, my company laid me off 6 months sooner.  I trusted the timing. 


My layoff became a blessing as my 6 year old  became traumatized developing PTSD overnight and became my first long term client. TRUST, FORGIVENESS, LOSS, GUT HEALTH, IMMUNE HEALTH, OVERWHELM. PHYSICAL PAIN showed up and took us to what felt like the edge of sanity. I wanted a magic wand to heal him.  I took what felt impossible and made it possible. 

His healing journey taught both us new tools, relief from great pain and healing.  Some of the awareness SUCKED and felt SCARY. We met magical people along the way. During my son’s healing, self care played a giant role providing me a foundation to help him.  As my son healed, my marriage came to an end (yup that’s another story). As we separated, the mountains beckoned louder than ever before. 


 The mountains called to me first in college both in Austin Texas and Boone North Carolina and later Clayton Georgia (treatment hospital).  I clearly heard from my spirit, “it’s time to simplify your life and the life of your son”.  I narrowed the search to 4 mountain towns. Amazingly, I met a man.  He lived in one of the 4 small mountain towns on my list. And meeting him changed our lives in ways I’ll feel gratitude for, FOREVER (that love story, broken heart and healing is another story)


As we dated, I visited his mountain life and  fell in love with the town.  I remember the day.  It was a cool gloomy winter day with on and off rain.  As I stood at a beautiful waterfall near the town, something in my body clicked, saying “You’re home”.  Family thought I was nuts moving to be with some guy I knewmaybe 6 weeks.  I knew moving to this town had nothing to do with the guy… the town called to me for the life shift I knew we needed.  What I experienced with the man, forever changed me in so many beautiful ways.  I received an opportunity to open my heart; love and trust like never before.  Most people who saw me saw and felt my relaxed state.  All while going through some pretty stressful times in the separation and ending of my marriage.  


My son created his own new life in this small mountain town.  It took him a little time to assimilate.  Definitely had some bumps leading to him thriving and living life with the gusto which left at 6 years old. .


Idyllic living in what I call, my Hallmark Romance movie town until it wasn’t.  Things ended abruptly with the man and at 53 years old I felt heartbreak for the first time, an awful and wonderful gift. 


The pain came as I completed my Shamanic Healing certification. My trust, heart and confidence shattered in pieces. My broken heart affected all aspects of my life.  

I focused on my son and my healing dealing with hollow and unworthy feelings even using old escapes to numb the pain though not food.  I delved deeper focusing on friendships and time with my kiddo and healing.  How could I be Intuitive and not see this coming?   And healing my broken heart not only became another story to share- but a program coming soon: Broken Heart Healing (shattered to thriving) as well as the readiness to share Pussy Magic helping women powerfully heal the outer issues in their lives through the magic of the Vagina. It increases life pleasure as well as sexual pleasure. My love story/broken heart/healing experience became one of my greatest teachers. 


My panther who now resides on my right calf, became instrumental in my healing and helping my clients.  She is one of my spirit animals and guides who walks on my right side helping me balance masculine and feminine energy and clawing out with her paw the shit in myself and clients ready to heal.  


She brought me to dragonfly medicine as in my logo in the spring of 2022.  The dragonfly magic and medicine further supported more transformation and healing as I live in flow, nature, water and my intuition guiding my life. All the while, as I experience the pain and progress of life, helping others heal their own pain using my gifts for their guidance, ever evolving.


Linda Carter Backes · January 9, 2014 at 10:49 pm

I truly admire your openness and honesty, Marni. Two valuable and precious traits– as you ‘walk your talk’ speaking your truth and being who you are!
Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights. I look forward to going along this journey with you and enjoying the ride!
I hold you in my heart, always, as a spiritual sister…
Linda Carter Backes

Rene Timpone · March 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm

I went for a session with Marni and was totally enchanted by her perception and her wisdom. For months I was beating myself up for not being on “purpose” and wondering what to do with my life next. Always looking for a high power assignment to help a business achieve their goals and looking like a wonder woman who came in to save the day. I was burning myself out.

What Marni helped me realize was…I had to let stuff go! When she did energy work on me I felt a peace within myself that I had not felt in a long time. We talked about what I needed and what would make me happy. I am a 10 year breast cancer “Thriver” who decided after treatment to change the way to approach life… Marni observed I was letting my old habits slowly creep back into my life.

I am looking so forward to my next session. Since I visited Marni, I have been breathing more deeply, appreciating my life and my husband’s life more. She is a kind spirit who has my well-being in her heart…

Rene Timpone

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