Change is all around us.  We experience change daily.  Do you fight change or embrace it? How do you feel about change?  Are your feelings different depending on the specific change?  I tend to embrace change, most of the time.  April 2014 was a month of more big changes in my life than I have experienced in a long time or that I was present in my body to experience.  My biggest changes stemmed from moving away from a split career as Vice President of an ad agency full time and part time Intuitive Energy Healer.  Was I excited, YES! No question.  I’ve wanted to spend my time helping other people full time as long as I can remember.  Was it easy? Well, yes and no.  It is amazing what happens when you get something you want.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected. There was still grief from what I moved away from.  Not because I was sad about leaving but the change was drastic.  I was at this company for over 20 years. I went from driving to an office every day to a 10 second commute walking to the front of my house. I moved from a consistent schedule and seeing my friends and co workers daily to no consistency and my new co workers are my dog, Killian and my cat, Hunter.  There was so much to do and I was thrilled to do it.  I was like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited amount of money to spend on the candy.  So many decisions. Yet the days flew by and I felt like I was getting nothing done.  The happiness I felt was getting smothered in sadness and at first I didn’t understand why.


My husband and best friend saw and heard me struggling and gave me some wonderful advice.  Get organized.  Seriously.  I was an organized ad exec for so many years and here I was with a “to do” list in my head or written on scratch pieces of paper and I was getting overwhelmed.  The second piece of advice he gave me, “give yourself permission to grieve”.  Grieve? Really?  I was listening.  So I took the next day spending time with my feelings.  I meditated, journaled, talked to friends on the phone and felt my feelings of sadness, anger and yes, fear.  Fear? How could I be afraid? I had just begun what I’d always wanted to do. What did I realize? My fear stemmed from my own self pressure from wanting to get everything done yesterday (um, impatience) and “fighting” the very thing, my own intuition, which excited and fulfilled me and lead me to help others.  What a realization.

So now what? What would I say and do with a client? Back to basics.  What do I believe? I believe my life’s purpose is to help others shift towards a happier life through intuitive energy healing, writing, teaching, speaking and sharing.  Okay.  Breathe Marni.  Breathe in your belief and breathe out your fear.  Let go of the impatience of everything being done now.  TRUST and Feel your faith that you are following your path and this too shall evolve.  And so I did and I do.

Everything happens for a reason and I trust and have faith that it all flows for my highest and greatest good.  Do I always know the “why” or the how it is good in the moment? Nope.  Is it sometimes challenging for me to trust it? Yup.


Change is part of life.  It is how we evolve and it is part of life’s illusion all at the same time.  The empowerment is how each of us choose to deal with change.  And that choice is each of ours in every situation.  What do you choose when it comes to change? I’d love to hear from you.

Lovingly Lotus


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Kim Pyle · May 21, 2014 at 11:18 am

Just what I needed today! Thanks!

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