One day someone close to me asked how I do it? “Do what?” Be Happy she responded. She knew there was a time in my life when I was not happy. I seemed negative, darker. Great question. The answer is simple. The explanation more lengthy.

Happiness is a choice. I realize saying happiness is a choice might make me sound like l live in fantasy land where everything is wonderful ie. Rose colored glasses syndrome. Not true. Happy doesn’t mean we don’t have bumps in our lives. Some of the bumps feel mild to us more like a quick irritation. Others are bigger and we experience them longer.

Feeling happy is still a choice. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying don’t feel our feelings. Definitely feel!! And ask ourselves: how do I want to feel emotionally and physically? Choosing happiness changes how our bodies feel. Think about laughter. Laughter is amazing medicine and a wonderful tool. We feel laughter throughout our bodies and it affects our feelings in the moment. Even in my darkest moment, I could find something to laugh about and I always felt better in that moment.

Sometimes I forget happiness is my choice, especially when someone close to my heart is struggling. I want to take magical pixie dust and make them better and heal the pain in my heart. Think about how we feel around different people and how they feel around us. People remember how we made them feel. If we are shitty to them. They remember. If we complain or always worry, they remember. If we share a real smile, maybe a giggle or some amazing belly laughter, they remember.

So what to do on the days or moments when we feel like crap (worry, fear, angry, sad)?? Allow the feeling to come through. Feel it. Acknowledge it. We decide how long to feel it. Then do something to release the feeling: exercise, go outside, write/journal about it, cry, sing or listen to music touching our hearts, use tapping, meditate. These are a few suggestions. Remember there are NO RULES. We choose what helps us let go.

Once released, we feel lighter. Maybe we just smile. Maybe we think of something or someone that makes our heart sing and smile from the inside out. Maybe we notice we feel more at ease in our bodies. The more we practice choosing happiness, the more awareness we uncover. The more awareness we uncover, the more we see the happy in our lives and desire more of it for longer periods of time. Then one day we realize we are happy. Even with the bumps, dramatic and minor, our overall feeling inside our bodies, mind and spirit remains happy.

Choosing Happiness,

Lovingly Lotus

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Judy · June 16, 2015 at 7:26 pm

Loved, Loved, Loved this!!!! It made me smile.

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