I just got back from Spring break with my family. We had SO much fun. I’m able to quickly and easily let go of everyday stresses and the stress leading into vacations and just relax.

Can you unwind easily?

I saw many people on vacation with their families getting thrown out of whack – or just not relaxed. Some were totally tense.

I use simple and easy practices to unwind. I’m sharing these tips so YOU can get the most out of your vacation time

You plan and look forward to getting away . . . You might even work extra hours to get MORE work completed, plus handling all the “leaving home chores” before you go . . .

So when you finally get on your way, are you:

*Exhausted and stressed from all the work,
*Feeling tight in your body,
*Short on patience after all the packing and doing before you leave,
*Anxious about getting to the airport on time –
*and maybe even worried about being able to relax once you get there?

Do you get to your destination and dive right in to GO, GO, GO because “you only have a limited time”? Do you have trouble “letting your hair down” and truly enjoying your experiences? Do any wrinkles that affect your trip or plans throw you off?

No one is without stress, including me. These are my TRIED and TRUE practices to DE-STRESS quickly based on my beliefs and taking aligned action.

*GO WITH THE FLOW: This tip fully embraces my belief that somehow my experiences work out the way they’re supposed to for my highest and greatest good; and that I’m here to learn, grow and enjoy. When you believe this, you TRUST, no matter what happens. As a result of this belief, trust and aligned action — you experience more ease, miracles and magic and NOT tension.

Last year’s spring break, we got to the super busy airport on our island of happy surrounded by chaos from all the spring breakers and other flyers. Our flight was delayed twice and canceled.
Can you imagine the chaos and anger ensuing around us? Would you be freaking out at this point and joining in the chaos? It’s super easy if you don’t have a strong belief of TRUST and Going with the FLOW to get sucked in.

I remembered GO WITH THE FLOW and I smiled at the gate agent. I think I was the first one to do so as I watched his shoulders relax. I explained our situation and asked for his help, TRUSTING.
Continuing the trust, I said YES to flying standby on another flight. Got the last 2 seats on the flight which arrived only one hour later than originally planned.

We believed, and we trusted and went with the flow. Having a consistent meditation practice makes it easier to trust and go with the flow. You create the ability to calm and breathe through the muck. It was the beginning of a magical trip.

*SING and DANCE: Singing and Dancing quickly shift your mood. You don’t have to be good at singing or dancing; you just need to do it as if no one is watching and let yourself get into it.

My son and I noticed when the energy on a recent flight to Atlanta was crunchy and complain-y. We didn’t want to “catch it”, so we sang “Do, Re, Mi” as we walked through the airport. We laughed and sang for maybe five minutes. And we left the focus of the crunchy complaint energy behind. Once we got to the gate, we did a celebratory dance of staying true to our happiness. And it showed in our energy.

Singing and dancing can be done just about anywhere and the smiles you feel inside and the ones we usually receive take any stress you’re feeling and release it. Singing meditation –yes, that’s a thing– gives you clarity and raises your vibes de-stressing you at the same time. Plus, sometimes singing and dancing leads us into fits of laughter. Who can be stressed when you’re laughing?!

*CHOICE: No matter what happens, I’m always asking myself, What do I choose? If someone says to you, ‘You made me mad’, that is a sure sign of them giving YOU their power.

You choose to get mad. You choose to fear when there are bumps in your plans. You choose the thought which leads to the emotion and the behavior follows. So, if you’re mad, it’s what you chose.

With stress, it’s the same thing. Do I want to carry all my worries and fears into a fun time with my family? NO. I don’t worry that the lines are long. We play games while we wait in line and we sing and enjoy because we are together. I don’t worry if our food order is wrong. We are still together and now we have a story to share and remember with each other.

When I wake up the morning we leave for vacation, I’m focused. Then, I walk out the door and that’s it. I’m on vacation. My choice. My trips can have glitches or bumps or changes. I choose how I’m going to take those in. I can get stressed and upset that my luggage gets lost or I can enjoy the adventure of wearing my clothes for 2 days while we explore a new city and enjoy buying a few new things with the airline’s money.

This one is soooo important. I had a vacation where my clothes were lost, and I chose to allow it to RUIN a good part of my time away. Choice is empowering. Meditation helps you make choices because you’re more connected to yourself. You are NOT a victim when you give yourself choice.

*ALLOW DOWNTIME: This past week we enjoyed time in OLD Town Alexandria Virginia and Washington DC. Well right away you know there is a TON of things to see, right? We packed the weekend walking 8 or more miles each day exploring and having a ball. With plans for more during the week.
As I was thinking about having to get up early to go stand in line to get into the National Archives and just wanting a day to sleep in, my son asked if we could have a pjs day the next day.

I heard other voices in my head saying, “you can’t do that, you’ll miss out on this and this and this.” And then I heard my heart saying, “you’re often on the go, how about a day of just flowing in the pjs or just hanging out” and I felt excited. My son confirmed my feeling and we had a pjs day. And the next day we were back running around with renewed energy.

We cram our lives with do this, do that, go, go, go and then wonder why we’re so exhausted and irritable. Do less. See less. Find time to sit in a café and watch people while enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine or water. Have a pjs day and play games or read or watch movies (we did all of this). Disrupt your pattern. That’s what vacations are all about. Consistent meditation and mindfulness moment(s) provide a daily pattern interruption. Pattern disruption is what helps us create space and freedom inside us and helps us relax.

*SELFCARE DOES NOT VACATION: I meditate almost daily and do gratitude and prayer every day along with nourishing my body, drinking lots of water and exercise. There are many that just stop all of this because its vacation. I believe self-care is intrinsically connected to our happiness so why would I take a vacation from the very thing that could help me more deeply enjoy my vacation?

Yes, I’m on vacation. When I’m at the beach, I have tons of time for my self-care. When I’m doing an exploring vacation, not as much. I still do it almost daily with gratitude journaling in a travel journal which fits in my purse…so maybe while I’m waiting for my guys to come out of the bathroom or some random moment, or just before bed instead of first thing in the morning. And I’m focused on gratitude and doing my prayers when I wake up and while I’m showering. Though again, some days it’s abbreviated.

I have a magical SIMPLE way of melding my practice into my life which is what I teach my clients and I’ll share more about how I can help you with this in my upcoming online course:

The Why’s and Wonders of Meditation, online Wednesday night April 18, 2018.{click here for more info or to sign up}

Most days I meditate though instead of my typical 20-30 minutes, it might be 1-4 minutes during vacation. I get the juicy benefits of meditation and meld it into whatever we are doing. It’s what helps me balance and be clear and provides me with a few moments of quiet time for me.

These practices along with my commitment to ME support me de-stressing.
Some vacations I treat myself to a massage, other times– it’s working out, and sleeping in is important to self-care too. And then for me its hydration with water throughout the day and nourishing my body.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a few goodies that I don’t typically eat. In fact this vacation I enjoyed Nice Cream, ice cream frozen with nitrogen. It was a cool experience and a delicious treat I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s about moderation and balance. And just being in a state of “be” ing. Self-care, especially meditation, supports “be”ing.

If you CHOOSE to incorporate these 5 tips into your vacations, I know they’ll support a de-stress and lead you toward quicker relaxation like they do for me.
Using these practices poses an interesting question.

Why do these tips only have to be used for vacation?

I know how much these Sacred Stress Solutions can help you. I see and know what they’ve done in my life, my family, and the life of my clients. It can work for you too.
What would YOUR life be like if YOU embraced these practices everyday?

Wanna know more about how to redirect your energy and de-stress using these practices; ask me and I’ll share with you how I incorporate them into my everyday life.

How can you create a practice that meets your lifestyle TODAY and grows with you as you get relief from stress?

Join me online Wednesday night April 18, 2018 for The Why’s and Wonders of Meditation and get answers.

I’d love to hear from you and help you.
XO  Marni


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