Having faith, trusting, stepping out when you cannot see the ground in front of you and believing it is there.  Somehow knowing when there is no reason to believe that ALL will work out. Such a tiny word, 5 letters, and yet the meaning and the feeling behind the word…LIFE CHANGING.

My son learned about faith last week as a character trait at summer camp.  He is six years old. His take on what he learned:    “Trusting God, your mother, father and everyone is faith.  Faith is purple {purple, a color associated with 7th chakra/spirituality/connection to higher power}.  If someone trusts their counselor, they would be showing faith.  Trusting is part of faith.  If we were talking and listening to each other, we’d would be showing faith.  Listening to each other when we speak shows we have faith in each other.”

I was amazed how easily he grasped the concept of Faith.  I know for me, I struggle from time to time.  I get in my head a timeline or a “how it will happen or look” and when something doesn’t fit into the BOX of my creating or my comfort zone… POOF, I question.  I struggle.  I listen to my  fear.  Can be a relationship, career stuff, purchase related.  Pick a category. Then sometimes like magic,  I have a conversation with myself, write in my journal, meditate, talk to my hubby or a friend or , I pay attention to  an experience and POOF…I realize I’m trying to control and have let go of my faith.  Then I choose to surrender and return to letting go, allowing and BELIEVING again.   Did I stop having faith because I was afraid? Or do you still have faith and sometimes have fear?

I’ve recently changed careers.  I LOVE what I do and believe I am meant to help people shift to happier lives and more positive daily living.  When an event or appearance falls through or I have a day without a client, most days I have FAITH and TRUST those I’m supposed to help will connect with me and everything happens for a reason, BUT…some days I worry about what it means and begin down my funnel of fear until I hear myself telling Marc or see what I’ve written in my journal and catch myself. Turn myself toward gratitude for all I have and the wonder that is coming my way.

I believe having faith doesn’t mean we are perfect.  Sometimes we struggle or forget.  So what is faith?confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability; belief that is not based on proof.  Sometimes we get uncomfortable or afraid and it seems our faith disappears, we stop believing, we forget.  Life is not about perfection.  It is about embracing all experiences, enjoying and learning especially from our perceived imperfections. 

I’m grateful for all the people in my life who provide me opportunities to remember FAITH.


Lovingly Lotus


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