Meditate,Meditate, Meditate…                                                  meditation

Quiet your mind, your inner voice, sit on the floor and chant OHM.  Many people do it, is it for you?

It certainly won’t make you thinner, quicker, or richer.  What will it do?  How about lower your blood pressure and your heart rate; help anxiety, depression; and increase focus just to name a few.  Overall meditation increases positive daily living and who wouldn’t love a little more inner peace,  happiness and positivity in their life?

My first taste of meditation came as a form of “relaxation therapy” when I was in treatment for bulimia.  Was it my instant salvation? Nope.   Kind of entertainment and “everyone” , at least in my social circle of treatment, was doing it.  Did I sit in lotus or use finger positions, mudras? No, I laid on the floor with my pillow and sometimes a blanket.  What did it feel like? Restful, a short nap.  Clearing of all the noise around me and inside me.  I noticed a clarity in myself I hadn’t experienced in years, an inner peace.  Inner peace, ironic since I was dealing with feelings I’d been numbing out for years.  Yet somehow I felt better even the days I really dug in and dealt with the emotional turmoil inside me or feelings  I avoided for years.

When I left treatment, I didn’t think I’d found salvation through meditation either.  In fact, I kind of left it as an activity I did while “in there”.  It took me several years before I realized the gift I learned and began a consistent practice.

Practice, yes, practice.  It is a meditation practice, not a meditation perfect.  When you learned to read, could you pick up a book and read anything? What about sports? Were you perfect at it the first time someone showed you what to do? Or did you practice gaining finesse and tweaking each time?

We evolve, change and grow in our lives everyday.  Meditation is something you can take with you ANYWHERE.  It evolves, changes and grows with you.

Am I practicing meditation consistently today? YES! Most days I’m there.  It is in my daily schedule like as an appointment.   Sometimes I meditate in my car after a stressful traffic experience too.   Yet, there are days here or there that I miss it.  And not only can I tell, so can my family.  Marc, my hubby, will say: “Did you meditate today?”  And I know each time he’s asked the answer is no for various reasons.  He will then stop me and say “go…take some time” and I know then I’m must be “crunchy” and off I go.  I’m grateful for him noticing and I feel better and notice a big shift after.  And no beat up if I miss it.  It is a practice, not a perfect.

So if you are looking for inner peace, more focus or just more positive daily living in your life.  Give Meditation a chance.  Trust me it can change your day or your life.

Lovingly Lotus


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