Pussy Magic

4 hour ( 1:1 or if the people know each other 1:2/3 ) program

  • Create comfort within your body
  • Learn what gives your body pleasure
  • Let go of pain
  • Connect to your power and power center realizing more strength than you’ve ever known
  • Increase desire
  • Increase intimacy

Women dealing with

Loss: fear, shut down within yourself or your partner, lack of desire

Physical pain: Menstrual, Dryness, Other painful inner body issues

Gut Issues: directly ties to pain and pleasure centers and affects Immune Health

Sleep: not rested, lack of sleep, difficulty relaxing

Overwhelm: overthinking, over talking or explaining, oversharing, mentally full, worries, unsure

Sharing Ancient Wisdom and Rituals along with her Intuitive connection, Marni helps women create possible out of impossible. You experience the Magic of your Pussy. Eliminating the spells which keep you in pain within your body, your soul and your relationships and experiences in the world.

Yoga Classes Weekly:

Curent schedule includes:

  • Unlimited Fitness 1508 Andrews Road, Murphy, NC (near Big Lots) : (non-members $10)
    • Monday 630pm Yin Yoga
    • Tuesday 630pm Restorative/Deep Stretch Yoga
  • Yin Yoga: Lubes the joints, creates more range of motion, increases hyaluronic acid production, improves sleep and relaxation
  • Restorative/Deep Stretch: Stretch out the body, prepare for rest and relaxation


6 month program transforming your life. Contact Marni to discuss if this program is aligned for your goals and needs.

Upcoming Workshops or Events:

Conversations with Spirits

Friday 9/29 530-7pm $88 at Sunrise Yoga, Hayesville NC

RSVP Julie @828-557-5731 by September 27

*limited space

Ultimate Intro to Chakras

Part 1: Saturday 10/14. Sunrise Yoga, Hayesville NC

Part 2: Saturday 10/28 Sunrise Yoga, Hayesville NC

RSVP Julie @828-557-5731

*limited space