Ultimate Intro to Chakras– Virtual and In-Person (see dates)

Exploring Energy and Chakras: From Root to Solar Plexus

At the beginning of this session, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of chakras, unraveling the mysteries of their nature, functions, and their potential to enhance your life. Have you ever questioned the repetitive negative patterns in your life or the origins of persistent concerns? Whether it’s sleep disturbances, relationship challenges, issues related to body image, and more, we delve deep into the roots of these issues.

Elevating Consciousness: From Hearth to Crown

In the latter part of the session, Marni expands our exploration to encompass the upper four chakras, building upon the foundational knowledge shared earlier. We’ll delve into concepts like clear communication, trusting your inner intuition, and experiencing a profound sense of connection.

Furthermore, Marni will introduce practical exercises to reinforce your understanding throughout our discussion on chakras. We’ll explore their specific locations and their profound impact on our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Marni will be your guide, leading you through the manifestations of both balanced and imbalanced chakras, while offering practical techniques to restore harmony.

Additionally, we’ll explore therapeutic applications of oils, crystals, music, and dietary choices, adding depth to your comprehension. There will be moments for questions, which are encouraged, and engaging discussions within our safe and nurturing environment. For those open to it, Marni can also channel and assist you in connecting with your highest self or spirit.

Prepare for an immersive series of experiences that will deepen your embodiment of this profound knowledge

Virtual: $222 single payment or 2 payments of $122 each

Saturday February 24, 2024 9am – 1pm via Zoom

(link sent after registration completed)

Marni maintains a select, smaller group for this event so spaced is limited. If you’re interested, contact us through this page and get on the list to be notified first and secure your spot.

*limited space

Marni has the spirit to give! Her intuitiveness and passion for her work made for a phenomenal experience. I’m excited about the next opportunity I have to “heal” with her. What I love most about Marni, is her willingness to share her talent. I know with her, I’ll always get 200%!” –Janine Davis 

“I found Marni while I was experiencing a major shift in my life. Every session, the result was felt immediately and was kinda like a “tune up.” My life seemed more awakened, more aware, and more free working with Marni. The more consistently you work…the better you feel.

While Marni is not a clinical therapist or a life coach (a term that should never be used to describe her), working with her is like an alternative form of self-exploration and enlightening. Marni is full of love and full of positivity to share with everyone.” J.Noel Lance

Emotions & Essential Oils Certification

(virtual and in-person options)

Level 1: Special intro rate $222 $111 50% savings Level 2: $222 single payment or 3 payments of $80 Level 3: $222 single payment or 3 payments of $80

Unlock the potential of essential oils to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Did you know that the impact of oils on emotions goes beyond just their aroma?

Ever wondered which oils correspond to specific emotions or how to substitute oils effectively?

Explore our comprehensive 3-level certification program:

Level 1: Essential Oils and Emotional Connection (Foundation and prerequisite for Level 2)

Gain insights into the basics of emotions, discover foundational oils that support them, and learn essential tips for selecting oils and discerning purest brands. Understand the aromatic and diverse applications of oils, including the impact of breath and breathing.

Level 2: Choosing and Using Oils for Self (Prerequisite for Level 3)

Delve deeper into understanding emotions, explore multi-emotional aspects, and learn to incorporate oils into various aspects of your life. Explore different categories of oils, proactively set the tone for your body and living spaces, and begin learning the art of creating blends and products that respond to or support emotional well-being.

Level 3: Choosing and Using Oils for Others (Prerequisite Levels 1 and 2)

Take your expertise to the next level with an overview of basic chakras and their connection to oils, your emotions, your mental clarity and physical wellness. Explore advanced techniques in using oils to support singular and multiple emotions, both for yourself and others. Master the art of blending oils to create a positive emotional impact supporting mental and physical wellness too.

Conversations with Spirits

Join Marni for an exceptional group virtual event, where participants will have the extraordinary opportunity to connect with departed loved ones through Marni’s profound Mediumship gift. Experience something remarkable as a collective, delving into the world beyond to receive messages and connections that go beyond the ordinary.

Bring your questions, cherished pictures, or personal items as Marni channels messages from the other side. In this intimate group setting, your healing journey will be enhanced by the shared experiences of others who may also find resonance and guidance in the messages received.

While you may hope to hear from a particular loved one, maintain an open heart, as the spirits may convey what is most beneficial for your soul’s growth. Trust in the wisdom of the unseen, as each message is delivered with your highest good in mind.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to connect with the beyond and receive invaluable insights that can bring comfort, closure, and guidance to your life. Join Marni to embrace the beauty of this ethereal connection and welcome the love that transcends the boundaries between the living and the departed.

Guided by a profound calling from the spirit world, you are invited to join Marni for this 90-minute journey, encompassing an informative introduction and a deep dive into the realm of spiritual communication.

Virtual: $155 single payment or 2 payments of $85 each

Thursday February 22, 2024 7pm – 830pm (Zoom link sent after registration complete)

Marni maintains a select, smaller group for this event so spaced is limited.

*limited space

Yoga Classes Weekly:

Curent schedule includes: (currently in-person only- contact Marni for 1/1 and small group private yoga)

  • Unlimited Fitness 1508 Andrews Road, Murphy, NC (near Big Lots) : (non-members $10)
    • Tuesday 720am – 8am Sunrise Yoga (Slow Flow Yoga with a Zing!)
    • Thursday 720am – 8am Sunrise Yoga (Slow Flow Yoga with a Zing!)
  • What is Sunrise Yoga?: Energize your mind and body, awaken your senses, increase flexibility, and welcome the day with joy and invigorating music.


Embark on a transformative 6-month journey to reshape your life.

Do frustration, unhappiness, or worry overshadow your days? Are trust issues and decision-making struggles holding you back? Do you truly recognize your own value? Do you find a sense of lack in your job, relationships, body, or financial health, thinking, “If only… then I’d be happier”?

Receiving profound love externally is impossible without cultivating it within yourself. Even if you believe you love yourself, is it surface-level affection, a deeper connection, or being truly in love with yourself?

The gift of self-love unfolds in layers, yet life’s challenges may trap you in repetitive patterns or complacency, hindering the release of outdated beliefs and feelings. These patterns or complacency prevents you from experiencing the deepest form of self-love. Uncover foundational skills and utilize tools to navigate through these barriers, allowing you to deepen your self-love and fall more profoundly in love with yourself. This, in essence, is the secret sauce—the magic potion for increased happiness in your love life, greater satisfaction in your career, improved well-being in your body, and a healthier bank account.

Connect with Marni to explore whether this program aligns with your goals and needs.

Marni is a wonderful energy healer, guide, and coach. She’s helped me identify and work through so many issues in a compassionate and safe environment, all at a pace comfortable to me. She customizes her approach to meet my needs, and her intuition and expertise are so appreciated as I navigate unchartered territory.”  – Nicole Ayers

Ongoing in 2024

Sexology for Life

4-Hour Session (1:1 or 1:2/3 if preferred) – $444

Discover the Depths of Your Sensuality Unveil Pleasure’s Secrets Release Physical Discomfort Embrace Your Power and Power Center, Unlocking Unprecedented Strength Ignite Desire and Intimacy This program is designed for women facing various challenges, including:

  • Loss: Overcoming fear, emotional shutdown, or lack of desire within yourself or your partner.
  • Physical Pain: Addressing menstrual discomfort, dryness, and other inner body issues.
  • Gut Issues: Understanding the connection between gut health, pleasure centers, and overall immune health.
  • Sleep Troubles: Finding restfulness, relaxation, and quality sleep.
  • Overwhelm: Quieting the mind, reducing overthinking, oversharing, and managing worries.

Through the sharing of ancient wisdom, rituals, and her intuitive connection, Marni empowers women to unlock the magic within themselves, breaking the spells that keep them trapped in physical discomfort, emotional pain, and strained relationships. It’s time to experience the transformation and healing of your body, soul, and your connections in the world.

You’re Worthy as Fuck Community:

A 3-month minimum commitment uniting kindred spirits grappling with life challenges rooted in profound feelings of inadequacy, and how these feelings manifest in your experiences of love, trust, patience, emotions, intimacy, security, well-being, self-expression, intuition, and physical health/pain, as well as relationships with you, loved ones, and your work colleagues.

You’ll meet with Marni twice a month (virtually) as she channels, guides, and provides guidance to help restore balance to your soul, all while affirming that ‘YOU are Worth as Fuck!’ This is the first step to healing your heart and the KEY to claiming your worth. Additionally, expect to receive homework assignments to work on between sessions (not every session). Reach out to Marni for a conversation to determine if this intimate group program aligns with your needs.