Energetics Mastery

Energetics Mastery:

A  7 month journey understanding yourself , your energy and revolutionizing your life.

If you’re someone who says, thinks, believes:

  • I don’t sleep well – either my mind is constantly racing OR  I struggle getting up in the morning because I feel tired and hopeless
  • I am not treated well or respected and feel like no one cares what I think or feel: at work, in my relationship or BOTH
  • I’m stressed with my kids and find myself losing patience a lot and exploding.  Then feeling guilty about it afterward and beating myself up
  • My sex life is lacking and it makes me feel like I’m unattractive and there’s something wrong with me.  And then I don’t even want to do it.
  • I know what I “Should” do that would help me, but I don’t do it because _________________. (your obstacle)
  • I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do to get past this or unstick, and with every passing day it feels like I’m getting even more stuck
  • I get in a groove and then sabotage myself (in my body, my job, my relationships) and at times I don’t realize I’m doing it until I’ve done it.  And then I beat myself up and it’s an ongoing cycle
  • I want simplicity and I want to feel better in __________ part of my life.

Then this course, Energetics Mastery,  is for you.

You’ll  come away with:

  • Tools, Tips and practice within a supportive container deepening and integrating this information so it becomes part of you.
  • Balance: Tools, tips and practices for proactively balancing your body and creating alignment (physical and emotional).
  • Peace inside which leads to more patience and less stress AND if you feel stressed knowing what you can do to help you get back to your peace and feel comfortable putting the pieces into action.
  • The confidence and the comfort to choose your reactions – your life will no longer be dictated by someone else’s mood, negative view or drama.  Meaning you get to stay in your happy place even when surrounded by other people’s shit.
  • Awareness or the beginnings of awareness and a road map of how to create more awareness to help you move past the obstacles that keep you stuck or keep you from “doing” what would help you.  And awareness to consciously choose playgrounds and playmates supporting the life you want to live
  • Building  resilience which helps you never give up EVEN when things feel hard. You’ll have hope knowing somehow it will get better even if you don’t know how or when.  Somehow the situation will change and you won’t be stuck permanently
  • The ability to create stronger, deeper, more intimate relationships. Even in relationships when you’re in the midst of fighting or it just feels “ugh”  (maybe you even acknowledge you don’t like the person you’re being and don’t want to be with the other person) – you know it’s reactionary and a “Moment” and NOT the true depth of your feelings.  You know the truth.
  • Knowing how to get the rest you need and begin waking up more eager to greet the day feeling rested and energized
  • Better sex: with more restful sleep you gain physical energy and with stronger, deeper relationships you connect more intimately easier leading to more and deeper connectivity. Plus, as you feel better about yourself you feel more attractive and it increases your desire
  • Knowing how to read messages your body and feelings are communicating and no longer ignoring them but instead making aligned choices that facilitate living the life you want to live.  
  • HOPE that your life can be different and tools to help you create necessary, and simple to implement, changes.
  • Mastering and Integrating your understanding of energy, chakras and your body & feeling connection with energy in order to harness and use it to manage whatever life throws at you

Why is this information so vital?

This information and the practices that integrate it into you make you responsible for outcomes.  It empowers you to make your life your own.  You don’t have to be reactionary.  You don’t have to question your decisions or feel shitty about your body.  You don’t have to keep attracting people that make you feel like crap.  You don’t have to be the person who settles or has to be people pleasing. And it can be SIMPLE and EASY. 

There are layers of happiness and the energetic work will uncover a depth of happiness you never knew existed.  

Is it hard?   No, but it will take practice.  Practice to bring it into you and become part of you.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

During our 90 minute recorded video calls, I’ll introduce and use chakra foundations along with the Energetic principles to help you create awareness and understanding inside you internally, physically and energetically.

Awareness is key to opening the door to leaving behind the stuff you complain about and moving towards how you want to experience life.

You’ll learn and we’ll practice tools and tips  within a supportive container deepening and integrating this information so it becomes part of you.

Integrating and becoming part of you is what helps create resilience. 

It’s the difference between learning in a short workshop using what you learn til life kicks in  or throws you off course AND creating memories within your body so what you learn becomes part of you and you can tap into it even when life knocks you for a loop.

I’m not a lecturer.  I believe we learn best by doing as well as listening.  So you’ll journal, you’ll move, we’ll have fun with it. You’ll create body memories. so you’ll know how it feels.

Things like:

  • Why is grounding so important? How to know if you’re not grounded.  And how to ground yourself.  And what does that have to do with feeling safe or Fight and Flight? 
  • Why do you feel overwhelmed?  Are you in touch with YOUR feelings or do you morph and adopt other people’s feelings?  Why do you numb out?  Where does impatience come from and what does that have to do with being in touch with your TRUE feelings? 
  • Who am “I”.  Your true essence, true nature.  What I call for me, my Marniness.  Are you undervaluing YOU? How does knowing YOU affect your confidence and trusting yourself and your decisions? 
  • LOVE- how does your love feelings or lack of love affect your ability to feel loved and to give love.  How does self-love impact your feeling isolated or lonely? 
  • Speaking and Listening – Do have balance or are you lopsided?  And how is this imbalance affecting your happiness? Do you know your truth? Do you speak your truth?  How does listening and speaking affect your creativity and your ability to hear the soft voice inside you of love? 
  • Intuition – What do you just know? How do you build your intuition muscles and trust more? 
  • Do you feel connected to something beyond yourself? Do you feel completely alone? What’s blocking you from your spiritual connectivity? 

I know after you learn this information and digest it there will be questions.  Life situations will come up and you’ll try and figure out what to do differently.  And sometimes you’re going to get stuck, freeze or need help.   So during our 60 minute recorded video calls, we’ll have opportunities to share what’s working, what’s not working, ask for help receiving  support from me in those moments.

And in between and around our calls we’ll have our Facebook group to connect, communicate and share even more together.  And I’ll add even more information, tips and graphics on top of what we go over during our calls.

This information is HUGE and ALOT to digest to make these incredible life shifts.    And while you can have fun and laugh as you learn,  it takes time to soak it in and definitely to integrate.

And it takes PRACTICE.  Time and practice to bring it into you and for new practices and even new ways of thinking to become part of you.

I know you may be saying, I can read or listen to recording and do it all on my own.  Yet, I also know chances are you won’t. 

You’ll have great intentions as we all do when we leave a workshop, read a book or listen to a podcast until life happens, resistance or fear sets in, you forget pieces and you just put it to the side.  I have been there.  I’ve done it.

This is why you need a container for accountability and a mentor to help you with this.

I want to help you and be there for you.  And Energetics Mastery is just the container to do exactly this.

You won’t be doing it alone.  You’ll be learning and experiencing and journaling.  You’ll be receiving more practices and tools to empower you even deeper to make changes and get the results: better sleep, more work productivity, more clear thinking, deeper and more intimate connections in relationships, being more “with it” and more physical energy for sex which along with deeper connections leads to better sex.  And the list goes on.

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When you don’t listen to yourself enough and it affects more than the 1 – 3 things in your life you’d like to change, like more restful sleep, more clear thinking, connecting with your loved ones.   

It’s the domino effect, the few things in your life you’d like to change pile into other areas of your life.    Pretty soon the few areas that feel dissatisfying invade every part of your life.  And then, you take a class  or you read loving the information.  You leave with great intentions and life, those few things especially, gets in the way.  And time goes by and you forget.  You need  time and support to cultivate new beliefs and practices into you, to become part of you.

 I’m a healer who has a healer because I know the benefit of not doing it alone.  

This is how I know you need a container for accountability and a mentor to help you with this.

No one who is making bigger shifts in their lives does it alone. 

I didn’t and still don’t do it alone.  Just ask my husband, my friends, my healer and my business coach.

But maybe your like me and you have questions about Energetics Mastery.  I want to help you.  My schedule is open, so let’s connect and get your questions answered.
You can email me and we’ll schedule time to talk

I know if you’re reading this you’d be an amazing part of the group and I’d love to include your energy in Energetics Mastery.  Join me, click here 

You’ll get:

  • 7x 90 minute online calls with me learning the principles of Energetic Foundations and Chakras diving deep

  • 7x 60 minute online calls sharing questions that come up as you begin applying what you learned into your life; we’ll share stories and I’ll work with you directly on that call.

  • A Private Facebook Group where we’ll connect in between calls. I’ll share more info here along with pin pointing questions to really get you moving. You’ll enjoy community of like minded souls, share your experiences and further integrate and use what you’re learning.

  • Recordings:  All Zoom calls will be recorded with a copy emailed to each participant so you can listen more than once and soak it in.  And if you miss one of the dates, you won’t miss the information.

  • I’m going to tell you things about why you crave certain foods sometimes and what it means. We’re going to do more experiential exercises. You are going to move…and you’re going to journal.

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  • 7 x Energetics Mastery                       90 minutes 830p-10p
  • 7x Integration  and Q&A                   60 minutes 830-930pm


  • November 1        90 minute Energetics Mastery – First Chakra
  • November 15     60 minutes Integration and Q&A
  • December 6         90 minutes Energetic Mastery – 2nd Chakra
  • December 13      60 minutes Integration and Q&A
  • January 3              90 minutes Energetics Mastery- 3rd Chakra
  • January 17            60 minutes  Integration and Q&A
  • January 31             90 minutes Energetics Mastery – 4th Chakra
  • February 7            60 minutes  Integration
  • February 28         90 minutes Energetics Mastery – 5th Chakra
  • March 14               60 minutes  Integration
  • March 28                90 minutes Energetics Mastery – 6th Chakra
  • April 11                  60 minutes Integration
  • April 25                  90 minutes Energetics Mastery – 7th Chakra
  • May 9                       60 minutes Integration

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$144 per month recurring payment

Regular price $216 per month

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Marni Setless
I dream and believe in a world of acceptance and love; accepting and loving my own perfect imperfections and yours while you accept and love yourselves, each other and me, perfectly imperfectly.

I help people move from feelings of self-doubt, feeling stuck, life dis-satisfaction or physical or emotional pain, and into living life where you feel happier, more pleasure and satisfaction in your life (life prosperity), loving yourself deeply and both feeling and seeing how your own love changes your life. When I touch someone, you feel the energy going through you. I partner on a soul level with people guiding you to become aware, heal, release and let go of what you don’t want AND transform yourself and your life creating physical and emotional healing, feeling happier and more deep love, moving towards living your heart’s desire .

For the last 20 years, I extensively studied and practiced meditation, energy healing, journaling, blogging, yoga, spirituality, mediumship, intuition, chakras, Reiki, yin empowerment, crystals, sound healing, clearing spaces, tarot, art, shamanism, public speaking and leadership training. I experienced sweat lodges, drumming journeys and acupuncture. I fuse my experience into Intuitive Readings, Energy healing and Mediumship as tools helping my clients transform their lives. My story (see Marni’s story) lead and inspired me, creating who I am today and my mission to help people feel more amazing inside and feel deep love for themselves.

Throughout the 7 month course I’ll take you through principles of Energetics simultaneously weaving in the chakras and how to use this knowledge to achieve the results you want.
First Chakra: Safety…Family…great timing for FAMILY and HOLIDAYS…when we  “should” on ourselves..
2nd chakra…FEELINGS…. Again…some of us are in go go go mode and this time of year heightens it.  And we numb out, not feeling ; bring in a new way to feel as you ring in the new year
3rd chakra YOU : self esteem, value, who I, I;  versus my roles…
4th chakra…HEART…hello valentine’s day…LOVE of yourself for valentines day
5th chakra…THROAT  speaking up…creativity, listening/hearing
6th chakra…Intuition…you just know
7th chakra…Crown- spirituality….

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