Heal Your Sh#t with Marni :                                Shift your mind, body & spirit

Airing Tuesdays at 9am weekly.  Listen Live at 9am or to the recorded version Tuesdays at 9pm or via podcast download.  I want to hear from you. Call me with questions and comments during the show at 1-866-472-5792

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What is the show about?

Do you feel stuck, self-doubt or physical/emotional pain? Chances are you have low self-esteem which can impact every part of your life. My goal is to help you heal and begin reclaiming your self-esteem. When you tune in to my show you’ll hear inspiring stories and ideas to adapt to your life helping you shift.

Many of my clients say “I want what you have.” I’ll share how I reclaimed my self-esteem. Healing is choosing change. Are you daring, committed and eager to move past feeling stuck, self-doubt and pain? Ready to shift your mind, body and spirit? It can stir you up, yet most days you can feel happy.

I translate what I do with clients in private session into my show. I’ll share energy-healing modalities, my clairvoyant gifts, my voice and heart along with stirring conversations with guests. 

Listen Tuesdays at 9AM Eastern/6 AM Pacific Time, on VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness. You’ll gain ideas supporting your growth and healing with a playful and supportive spirit.

Topics include: Letting go of Trauma (adults, kids); Self-love relating to relationships, money, parenting, surrender, self-esteem healing, meditation, Energy & intimacy, trust your vibes, Crystal children, Chakras, Cleansing & protection, addiction, self-care, vulnerability as strength, Choosing Happiness, healing through mediumship, Money game



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