So many of us are doing a majority of our work from home these days. Even if you’re working outside the home, who wouldn’t want a more peaceful place to live, eat and enjoy? Want more Zen at home?

I live in my sanctuary. It’s my indoor Zen space. It’s my foundation and my heart. That’s what home means for me. My space feels peaceful, calm and filled with happiness. And when it doesn’t feel that way in one or more rooms, I do house healing to shift the energy; I let go of “STUFF” and I bring in a crystal, a pillow, a picture…something that brings me increased joy from having it in my home. You don’t have to do them all. It’s about finding what feels best for you in your home so it feels like a sanctuary for you.

House Healing: Sometimes a room, an entire house or even the property feels off. Maybe it’s not something you can put your finger on. Maybe you notice that the temperature shifts from the rest of the area. Perhaps, you feel a change in your mood when you’re there. Or you may just feel drawn to stay away from the space completely for a reason you can’t explain or because you feel tightness, reactive or stressed when you go in. House healing removes the energy or cause of what is keeping you from feeling good in that area of your home or property.

Letting Go: A cluttered home is like a cluttered mind. It pulls your energy down making you feel sad, flustered and even drained. Letting go of the “stuff” while for some may seem hard to do, is FREEING. You feel an immediate upswing in your physical energy, you feel lighter and inspiration/creativity flow more easily. When there’s lots of stuff, especially stuff that makes you feel sad, tense or void of feeling, you block your own energetic flow within your feelings, how your body feels and your mental abilities. Releasing the stuff allows for flow.

Add or Make a Change: Adding one new item or changing the color in a room (a bit more time consuming for sure) definitely changes the feeling in a space. It could be hanging a crystal to sparkle as the light hits it; bringing a new color into the room with a pillow or wall color; you could even create or buy a small sign or picture to hang or display that when you see it brings you joy and makes your mouth turn up at the sides. Smiling opens the curtains to your heart. That joy

I recently shared a tip about letting go for a more zen space in detail,

If you want more detailed tips to up the Zen factor in your home, check it out. You’ll see tips from experts, like me, for creating more peace, calm and joy in your home. And message me to schedule your own house healing or with questions. Happy Zenning, Love and Gratitude,

PS. Here’s a Personal Zen tip just for you: Shallow- Everyday breath for most of us. Deepening, slowing down and taking a fuller belly chest expanding breath creates more space within you. More space brings you more calm, increased joy, and sometimes just takes the edge off. One method for deepening your breath: Box Breathing. Different types of breath affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.  When you focus on box breathing, you’ll feel more energized, more clear and calmer.  Box breathing is in and out through the nose.  As you breathe in your belly expands. As you breathe out, your belly reaches back in towards your back. Breathe in as you count to 4 in your mind, HOLD it for the count of 4, breathe out to the count of 6 and hold for 2. Repeat at least 3 times and notice yourself feeling lighter, more at ease, and your mind more focused. If you forget or get off on the count, you didn’t make a mistake. You were more aware and noticed. That means it’s working. Continue. XO