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“I feel like I breathe deeper and with a sigh of relaxation when I visit you.” This was a comment I received from my client the other day about my home and office. I told her “You can have this feeling in your home, your car, your office, your property, any space too.” She didn’t believe me until she had me cleanse her home.

When I arrived, I saw her beautiful home and yet something felt stuck inside. As she showed me around, one room felt open and sunny and several others felt tense or closed. When I asked about one tense feeling room, she told me she keeps changing the look to this room and hasn’t been happy with it. She loved the new color she painted the room and yet she still wasn’t happy with it. She recognized something felt off and kept trying to fix it. As I cleansed and protected the house, I taught her some of the basics of cleansing and protection both for herself and for her spaces. When I finished she said, “I feel lighter in my body and my house feels happy. I never noticed it wasn’t before. Now I FEEL harmony and joy here.”

It All Begins With You!

Before you attempt to cleanse your space, you must cleanse and protect yourself. Otherwise you could be streaking mucky or negative vibes throughout the space you are cleansing. You wouldn’t mop your floor wearing muddy shoes, would you? No way. So begin with yourself. One method I teach is using white sage to smudge or cleanse your energy.

White sage (Salvia apiana) is a plant native to high desert ecosystems, and grows prevalently in California. The leaves of the plant are a whitish-green, and if you rub the fresh leaves between your thumb and forefinger, a refreshing, cleansing scent is released. For hundreds of years, white sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant.

I am not always able to use white sage. When I worked in a corporate office and needed to cleanse myself or my office, I developed additional tools because my office mates told me it smelled like pot and the smell was disturbing. I created a list of powerful alternative solutions so if white sage cannot be used don’t worry. There are other fantastic choices which I will touch on in future blogs.

What Is Cleansing?

Cleansing changes the vibrational energy within you and your space allowing it to flow and harmonize while removing the very energy causing you or your spaces: homes, offices, cars, properties, etc. to feel off. I call feeling off “crunchy”. The range of “crunchy” spans from a mild to a considerable shift in your mood or feelings to pain and disruption.

Cleansing yourself is part of self-care 101. Cleansing, protecting and purifying yourself and your space creates feelings of peace, joy, and ease within you and your place. Purifying your space affects your personal vibes while in and around that space as well as anyone visiting. And any space you visit is affected by the vibrations of all those that came before you. Your vibes (short for vibration) affect your daily life and the people and experiences you attract.

Cleansing your space, protecting it and filling it with good vibes and peaceful energy is a powerful step towards supporting your life’s desires and providing yourself and your home with a feeling of sanctuary.

While working with the same client, she asked “How do I keep myself and my home protected?” Great question. We spoke about protection.

What Is Protection?

Protection keeps you safe. It is a barrier, a shield that keeps your vibrational energy preserved.  Safe from your vibration shifting downward and taking on other people’s stuff (their energy, their feelings, etc). Taking on someone else’s energy feels exhausting. “But I still want to feel and not be a cold fish.”   As I explained to my client, protection doesn’t keep you from feeling. It protects your energy or the energy of your space so you don’t walk into the grocery store happy and leave feeling depressed. That is one of hundreds of examples.

Ever walk into a room where 2 people argued? You didn’t hear them argue yet you can “cut the tension with a knife”. You are feeling negative energy in that moment. Imagine if you walked into the room happy and left feeling some level of discomfort. Perhaps you bump into someone on the way out of the room and the next thing you know you are irritated that person wasn’t looking where they were going and “how rude” they are, etc. Normally, you say excuse me and move on so what happened? Okay so how do you protect your energy?

One form of protection is prayer. What prayer? Any prayer as long as you believe in your heart and soul it protects you. Some examples: Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 23, Serenity Prayer…

It doesn’t have to be a formal widely accepted prayer. Create one and keep it simple and easy to remember. Say it clearly, slow and intentional so you feel its vibration connect inside you.

Create a daily ritual to keep your energy protected cleansing anytime you notice a “crunchiness”, a quick downward shift or just feel off.

Is this resonating? Is your home your sanctuary? Does it ever feel different after a vendor or a friend visits?  Do you want to protect your “happy vibes”?  Are you searching for a longer list of cleansing and protection solutions? Do you want to take any of them for a test drive? If you are saying yes to any of these questions, I Invite you to click on the link to my  workshop  Thursday night April 14th: Cleansing Your Energy and Your Space and RSVP to hold your space.     http://www.meetup.com/Exploring-Your-Body-Emotions-Voice-Through-Chakras/events/229606795/

It is a beautiful world inside and outside of you.  Keep your harmony flowing.

Lovingly Lotus


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