Broken Heart Healing:

Pain showing up in your life as physical, emotional or mental stemming from any form of heart break:

Causes of heart break include– love relationships ending, friends and family pain, job loss, disconnection from inside yourself and more. You can experience more than one at a time. When you experience a broken heart it can color your perspective, infiltrate your emotions and the lens you see the world and affect your physical body. Ignoring your heartbreak, living in the sadness for extended periods or disconnecting from yourself or your consciousness as it relates to your broken heart leads affects your ability to live life as you desire and in health and ease showing up as:



Sleep/Relaxation issues

Immune health

Physical pain

Gut health

Together I partner with you during Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing sessions supporting and guiding your healing using a fusion of tools like: my 6th sense/intuition, energy healing, Shamanic journey, Reiki, Mediumship, meditation and storytelling. I help you find the key to unlock your healing and “Heal Your Sh#t” bringing back balance to the bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) transforming life. The impossible is possible.
energy healing

Healing Sessions:

Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing:

Marni facilitates physical, mental and emotional healing ie. “Healing Your Sh#t” , using tools like: her 6th sense- Intuitive abilities, Energy Healing (Shamanic, Intuitive, Reiki, +++) , Meditation and Storytelling bringing back balance to the bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Marni helps you find the key to unlock your healing and “Heal Your Sh#t”. Please remember all healing is self-healing.

She often sees improvement in health conditions including, but not limited to:  

  • stress/tension/sleep/relaxation
  • grief/sadness/loss/anxiousness
  • broken heart/guilt/anger
  • self-esteem/worth/trust
  • physical pain
  • overwhelm/creative blockage
  • immune health
  • head tension
  • gut distress
  • relationships

Clients feel more wholeness within and let go of blockages leading to improvement. This is not typically a “one and done” for nagging conditions and repetitive patterns. These discomforts in our bodies often develop as messages to us of DIS-EASE stemming from limiting beliefs, emotional wounds and unhealthy patterns.

Energy Healing is not limited to humans. Marni’s worked with many animals: cats, dogs, horses, chickens and goats to help them heal or provide relief as well as water and the land.

All sessions are done in-person or remotely via phone or Zoom

60 minute Session $111 + travel*

Book a Discovery call with Marni to learn more about LoveU and how it helps you transform your life from the inside out. The call is informative with an invitation at the end to work with Marni and receive all the healing goodies that come with that.


Meditation re-awakened Marni to her spirit, her soul.  Practicing Mindfulness is the transforming technique for helping you befriend and calm the voice in your head (some call it fear or Ego).   It won’t make you taller or better-looking, nor will it magically solve all of your problems. Yet, Meditation can bring you a long list of benefits: stress relief, re-writing beliefs keeping you stuck or unhappy, increase your self-esteem, lower your heart rate & blood pressure, provide ease to arthritis, boost your immune health, manage your anxiety, help restful sleep, create inspiration, bring about focus and create inner peace.

There are so many benefits for all the bodies which is why Marni often uses Meditation in Energy Healing Sessions. So many people get stuck thinking Mindfulness has to look a certain way or be done using a specific process or be super long to be effective.  Then the “not enough time” rears its head or the “I cannot shut off my brain” shows up both of which become HUGE OBSTACLES to this awesome SUPER TOOL leaving many of you feeling blocks as TOO big, or TOO hard to overcome.

Marni partners with you, helping you develop YOUR STYLE and practice that meets you in your life where you are TODAY and grows with you as you evolve.

It’s a practice, NOT a perfect.  And Marni shows you how less than 5 minutes can change a moment, your day and your life.

Marni makes meditation magically accessible. Meditation transforms your life!!

60 minute Session $111 + travel*

Begin tapping into this life changing tool or Book a discovery call with Marni to gain more information about how mindfulness could help you. No high pressure in these calls. There will be an invitation at the end to work with Marni.


  • Looking for increased strength, better posture, increased flexibility, metabolism or immune system boost?
  • Want to strengthen your mind and body connection while stretching the body creating more opening, less aches, better sleep and more energy?
  • Prefer 1:1 connection yoga with sequences created for what you need?

Clients hire Marni for private yoga classes or 1:1 sessions for 1:1 preferences, deeper healing & special occasions (ie. wedding week, girls weekend, etc.)

60 minute 1:1 Session $ 111 + travel*

For private classes or groups – set up discovery call with Marni

Healing Spaces:

  • Does your home, property or office feel off causing you to avoid it or even affecting your mood?
  • Was your sanctuary now a place you avoid or feel uncomfortable?  
  • Moving to a new home or office?
  • Selling your home?

Clients hire Marni to heal, bless, and protect their space.  She cleanses your space and sets the stage for you to move in, take back your enjoyment or sell for your best outcome.  

Space Healing varies by the time, tools needed, travel and size of the space; book a discovery call with Marni to review details and receive pricing (some can be done remotely).


Marni loves to share simple tools and knowledge that will help you take the next step forward in healing and improving your life. The quickest way to find out about classes is to join Marni’s email community and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

What kinds of things does Marni teach? Here are some of the topics:

  • Deepening Self-Love and how your life improves and changes when you do
  • Chakras- your energy centers, their messages for your life and your feelings
  • Mindfulness/Meditation- the 5 Ws and creating a practice for your lifestyle
  • Yoga- healing for your mind, body and soul
  • Energy/Energy Healing
  • Increase Productivity and Inspiration in your life, your job, your company
  • Grounding: how to get back in your body, live in the present and feel connected

If you’re not part of Marni’s email community already, join here.




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