Broken Heart Healing:

Physical, emotional, or mental pain can manifest in your life as a result of heartbreak in various forms:

Causes of heartbreak may include the end of romantic relationships, pain from friends and family, job loss, a sense of disconnection from your inner self, and more. It’s even possible to experience multiple forms of heartbreak simultaneously. When your heart is broken, it can tinge your perspective, influence your emotions, color the lens through which you view the world, and affect your physical well-being. Ignoring your heartbreak, dwelling in sadness for extended periods, or disconnecting from your true self and consciousness in relation to your broken heart can hinder your ability to live the life you desire and to experience true wellness.

In many cases, feelings of unworthiness, stemming from experiences long before the heartbreak occurred, play a significant role in both the broken heart itself and the process of healing. This lack of worthiness may hinder your ability to find ease and fulfillment in your life.

The imbalances can manifest in a wide range of issues, including:

Through Intuitive Energy Healing sessions, I utilize a fusion of holistic tools and techniques, including:

  • My innate 6th sense aka intuition
  • Energy healing
  • Shamanic journey practices
  • Reiki
  • Quantum Healing
  • Mediumship
  • Meditation
  • Storytelling

Together, we work helping you discover the key to unlock your healing potential and “Heal Your Sh#t,” ultimately restoring balance to all aspects of your being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Remember, the impossible becomes possible through dedicated healing and transformation

energy healing

Healing Sessions:

Intuitive Shamanic Energy Healing:

Marni facilitates physical, mental and emotional healing ie. “Healing Your Sh#t” , using tools like: her 6th sense- Intuitive abilities, Energy Healing (Shamanic, Intuitive, Reiki, Quantum, +++) , Meditation and Storytelling bringing back balance to the bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Marni assists you in discovering the path to unlock your healing journey and address your challenges. Please remember all healing is self-healing.

She often sees improvement in health conditions including, but not limited to:  

  • stress/tension/sleep/relaxation
  • grief/sadness/loss/anxiousness
  • broken heart/guilt/anger
  • self-esteem/worth/trust
  • physical pain
  • overwhelm/creative blockage
  • immune health
  • head tension
  • gut distress
  • relationships

Through Marni’s guidance, clients experience a deep sense of inner wholeness and release blockages, leading to notable improvement. It’s important to note that this healing process is not typically a quick fix for persistent conditions and recurring patterns. These bodily discomforts often serve as messages, indicating a state of dis-ease that stems from limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, and unhealthy patterns.

Additionally, Energy Healing is not confined to humans alone. Marni has also extended her expertise to work with a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, chickens, and goats, facilitating their healing and providing relief. Furthermore, she has applied her healing practices to bodies of water and the land.

All sessions are done in-person or remotely via phone or Zoom

30 minute Session $111 + travel*

Working with Marni was a true pleasure. She was so compassionate and truly wanted me to live a  happier, more fulfilled life. Part of Marni’s charm was her transparency. What you see is exactly what you will get! I found this to be so enlightening. I didn’t have to waste any time trying to figure out things that could have been blocking any positive energy. I enjoyed the various approaches implemented during our sessions. I always left feeling more grounded and centered. Marni is just amazing!”   – Elizabeth Howell

Book a Discovery call with Marni to learn more about LoveU and how it helps you transform your life from the inside out. The call is informative with an invitation at the end to work with Marni and receive all the healing goodies that come with that.


Meditation reawakened Marni to her spirit, her soul. Practicing mindfulness is a transformative technique that helps you befriend and quiet the inner voice (sometimes called fear or the Ego). While it won’t make you taller or better-looking, and it won’t magically solve all your problems, meditation offers a long list of benefits: it provides stress relief, allows you to rewrite beliefs that may be keeping you stuck or unhappy, boosts self-esteem, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, eases arthritis, enhances immune health, manages anxiety, promotes restful sleep, sparks inspiration, fosters focus, and cultivates inner peace.

These benefits extend to all aspects of your being, which is why Marni frequently incorporates meditation into energy healing sessions. Many people mistakenly believe that mindfulness has to conform to a specific mold or process or be excessively time-consuming to be effective. This often leads to the common hurdles of “not having enough time” or “being unable to quiet the mind,” making the practice seem too daunting or unattainable.

Marni partners with you to help you develop your unique style and practice that suits your current life situation and grows with you as you evolve. It’s a practice, not a pursuit of perfection, and Marni demonstrates how even a few minutes, less than five, can bring meaningful change to a moment, your day, and your life.

Marni makes meditation readily accessible, and through it, your life can be transformed.

30 minute Session $111 + travel*

Begin tapping into this life changing tool or Book a discovery call with Marni to gain more information about how mindfulness could help you. No high pressure in these calls. There will be an invitation at the end to work with Marni.


Are you in search of improved strength, better posture, increased flexibility, a metabolism or immune system boost?

Do you desire to enhance the connection between your mind and body, all while promoting body opening, reducing discomfort, improving sleep quality, and increasing your energy levels?

Do you prefer one-on-one yoga sessions tailored to your specific needs?

Clients choose Marni for private yoga classes or one-on-one sessions to meet their individual preferences, experience deeper healing, and mark special occasions such as wedding weeks or girls’ weekends.

30 minute 1:1 Session $ 111 + travel*

For private classes or groups – set up discovery call with Marni

Healing and Harmonizing Living, Working, and Outdoor Spaces:

Is your home, property, or office feeling unbalanced, making you want to avoid it or affecting your mood?

Has your sanctuary turned into a place you now avoid or feel uncomfortable in?

Are you in the process of moving to a new home or office?

Considering selling your home?

Clients turn to Marni to heal, bless, and protect their spaces. She purifies your environment, creating the ideal setting for you to move back in, reclaim your enjoyment, or optimize your selling potential.

The cost of Space Healing varies based on factors like time, necessary tools, travel, and space size. Book a discovery call with Marni to discuss specific details and receive pricing (some services can be conducted remotely).


Marni loves to share simple tools and knowledge that will help you take the next step forward in healing and improving your life. The quickest way to find out about classes is to join Marni’s email community and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

What kinds of things does Marni teach? Here are some of the topics:

  • Deepening Self-Love and how your life improves and changes when you do
  • Chakras- your energy centers, their messages for your life and your feelings
  • Mindfulness/Meditation- the 5 Ws and creating a practice for your lifestyle
  • Yoga- healing for your mind, body and soul
  • Energy/Energy Healing
  • Increase Productivity and Inspiration in your life, your job, your company
  • Grounding: how to get back in your body, live in the present and feel connected

If you’re not part of Marni’s email community already, join here.




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