Janine Davis        CEO & Motivational Speaker, Janine Davis

Marni has the spirit to give! Her intuitiveness and passion for her work made for a phenomenal experience. I’m excited about the next opportunity I have to ‘heal’ with her. What I love most about Marni, is her willingness share her talent. I know with her, I’ll always get 200%!

Rene Timpone

I went for a session with Marni and was totally enchanted by her perception and her wisdom.  For months I was beating myself up for not being on “purpose” and wondering what to do with my life next.   Always looking for a high power assignment to help a business achieve their goals and looking like a wonder woman who came in to save the day.  I was burning myself out.

What Marni helped me realize was…I had to let stuff go!  When she did energy work on me I felt a peace within myself that I had not felt in a long time.  We talked about what I needed and what would make me happy.  I am a 10 year breast cancer “Thriver” who decided after treatment to change the way to approach life… Marni observed I was letting my old habits slowly creep back into my life.

I am looking so forward to my next session. Since I visited Marni, I have been breathing more deeply, appreciating my life and my husband’s life more.  She is a kind spirit who  has my well-being in her heart…



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