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Rene Timpone

I went for a session with Marni and was totally enchanted by her perception and her wisdom.  For months I was beating myself up for not being on “purpose” and wondering what to do with my life next.   Always looking for a high power assignment to help a business achieve their goals and looking like a wonder woman who came in to save the day.  I was burning myself out.

What Marni helped me realize was…I had to let stuff go!  When she did energy work on me I felt a peace within myself that I had not felt in a long time.  We talked about what I needed and what would make me happy.  I am a 10 year breast cancer “Thriver” who decided after treatment to change the way to approach life… Marni observed I was letting my old habits slowly creep back into my life.

I am looking so forward to my next session. Since I visited Marni, I have been breathing more deeply, appreciating my life and my husband’s life more.  She is a kind spirit who  has my well-being in her heart…

Kaeleya Rayne and her pup, Phoebe

In the middle of a call with Marni, she suddenly stopped and said, “wait a minute, one of your pups is telling me she needs help.”

She described her as the smaller brown pup, and said that her left side of her face was swelling.  That she would be fine but it needed to be handled to make sure it didn’t get any worse.  Asking me if she could work on her, she worked her magic from across the country.  At the time, there was no sign of any issue with my girl Phoebe.  But lo and behold, the next morning, the left side of her face was swollen!  I reached out to  Marni and she worked on her again.  Within a few hours it was completely gone, with no sign of it returning.  I have seen many things Marni the Healer can do, but never on a pup in my own home!  It was clear Phoebe was communicating with her, asking for her help AND that Marni was able to resolve the issue for her.  Very grateful for the powerful healer that is Marni April!  She is a wonderful addition to any vet care you give your babes and can help them in ways that medication and western medicine simply cannot.

Kaeleya Rayne

Bethany Chaney and her kitty, Bean

My cat Bean was very sick with gastrointestinal upset. I didn’t know what caused it or how sick she really was, and I couldn’t get into the vet right away. Marni offered to work on her and try to identify the cause of the problem. She connected with Bean and saw that the cause was something she’d eaten, something with spikes on it, but she felt confident that it could be eliminated.  The vet eventually identified the root cause of the distress – a single-cell organism that has spiky extensions, almost like a catfish. Bean had ingested something infected with the organism. While a cure did require antibiotics, Marni was able to put me at ease and give me confidence to ask the right questions of the vet.

I was so impressed by the way Marni communicated with me throughout her work, feeding me new information as it came to her and asking questions when she needed to. She also told me it took a lot out of her…which was mirroring my cat’s energy as well. I believe Bean felt the benefits of Marni’s work – she was a much better feline patient as a result! I can’t thank Marni enough for using her intuitive energies to help heal my kitty.

Bethany Chaney, Non-profit Executive Director

Case Studies 

Feeling like a Toothache

One evening my tooth began aching. The ache felt odd as I saw the dentist earlier in the week and my mouth and teeth received a great report. As I checked in deeper with my body, I heard the “toothache” came through as a message about one of the clients coming the next day. This client came for a session next day wanting help with a “tennis elbow” diagnosis. This client had been dealing with an elbow issue long enough, trying many things, including shots, for the discomfort. Nothing solved the issue or even helped for very long. By the time of the session, this client had tried “everything” and was at their wit’s end. As we spoke, my “spidey sense” began tingling as I could feel and hear from our higher selves the energetics and issues behind the elbow. Asking for a description of the pain, my client said “this is gonna sound so weird, but it feels like I have a toothache in my elbow.” This was the client my body felt the night before. As I felt into the client’s energy and listened to spirit, I heard clearly “no sweetness in life” meaning this person’s life experienced little joy or fun. So we chatted about this. The client was focused on 2 businesses. No time for self care, friends, personal life, vacation, etc. As we spoke, I began clearing the stuck energy in the elbow and the client felt relief. Then came the kicker. I shared with my client “in order to keep your elbow feeling good and not having the stuck energy show up in another part of your body, you’ll need to make some BIG changes in your life pretty quickly. Your body begs for balance. More fun time; self care, time with friends, down time. I shared even more detail. And in the end it was the choice of my client. Continue living in the same way and the pain in the elbow will definitely come back or develop other issues OR make the changes and the pain goes away. When the client left no pain existed. The session was a “one and done”. Client went home and made extreme changes immediately to life and the pain never returned.

Conversations with her Husband

Client called to book what she referred to as a “Reiki” session. We hadn’t seen each other in a few months so as she came in we spent a few minutes catching up from the holidays and her birthday. I met her (let’s call her Mary) through her hubby years before and in my previous career. And then a couple of years before this session her husband died. As we caught up, I felt her hubby’s presence. He had a bigger than life personality and started chatting away to me. I asked her if she spoke to him. My client told me she spoke to her husband almost every day since he died but he never answered. And I could feel the sadness in her heart. She missed him so much. As she said it, her husband (I’ll call him Greg) Greg spoke excitedly “I answer her all the time. She doesn’t notice or misses the messages.” I repeated what he said verbatim and she looked shocked. Then Greg said “ask her about the broken glass at Christmas.” Yet when I asked her about the broken glass she couldn’t think of any glass broken or not from the holiday. So we continued catching up and I could hear the Greg’s frustration. All of a sudden, Mary stopped mid sentence in talking about her child and said “the glass ornament… the broken glass ornament”. Greg said “yes, that was me.” I told Mary that was him. Mary shared when the glass broke she had been yelling about Greg being gone and she was decorating and celebrating alone. I looked at Mary telling her this was not going to be a “Reiki” session and asked if she was okay with that. Mary wanted to know if that meant we’d spend our time talking to Greg. And when I shared that talking to Greg was exactly the healing session she was meant to have, her mood shifted up and she got more excited. She told me YES YES YES. And we spent the rest of our time together conversing with Greg. Giving her moments of connection to him, moments of clarity for how they could converse going forward and the biggest smiles on her face I’d seen in awhile. She told me her heart was happy and full like it hadn’t been since Greg died. Mary died a couple years later. I reached out to her daughter sharing this experience as I could now do. I left it as a voice message after feeling a nudge to do so from spirit. Her daughter called me back telling me she NEEDED that message. With both her parents gone, it gave her such joy to know they were now together and while she missed them both, knowing she could still speak with them helped her with the ache in her heart and the grief of missing them in physical form. And for me it was more confirmation that this gift of speaking to the dead (which I fought for a long time)was another tool for me to use providing peace and comfort.

Healing on a First Date

Energy healing and first dates I don’t typically combine. This was an unusual date in that we spent most of the afternoon and evening together with the conversation flowing. We laughed, touched hearts and connected through our minds. As we stood under a lamppost saying goodnight for what turned out to be over an hour, we touched on yoga and moving/stretching the wrists. He had some discomfort from using a computer all day. So I asked if he’d like help with that. Curious about what I did and how it worked, he said yes. So, under the streetlight we stood chatting as I felt his wrists, the energy blockage and pain and spoke to the pain as I moved it. A short time later, he moved his wrists and was able to move one of his wrists in a way he was unable just a few short moments before. I shared with him the messages I heard. We finished our goodnight and he went on his way. It wasn’t a complete healing, it was relief from pain. It was what he was ready to receive.

Hamstring Healing on the Pickleball Court

As a newbie to pickleball, I never expected to combine it with healing until one day during free play. We played against a husband and wife. Earlier this group had asked me what I do as a healer and seemed intrigued with what I shared. During play, the husband paused and complained of hamstring pain. He tried to keep going but the intense pain caused him to stop. I offered to help. He said “I’ll try anything if you can make it stop hurting.” So there while standing in the “kitchen” of the court on my side, I leaned over the net and moved my hands near the back of his leg. His wife stood watching intently as did my partner. I guided him through letting go of the pain and move the energy impacting him out. When I finished, he said he was free of the pain and decided to keep playing so we finished our game and he played full out, pain free.


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