I used to judge and beat myself up all the time.

Do you what I mean?

It’s that voice in your head CRITICIZING you for your choices, telling you you’re not good enough or didn’t do enough, causing you to be unsure of decisions, and under valuing yourself.

I see so many clients with this same harsh self-talk. This harsh voice creates havoc in their lives. It’s super disempowering leaving you feel like a victim and it often leads to feelings of resentment too.
Yucky, right?

I used to judge and self-beat…what helps me now is my beliefs.

I believe we’re made perfectly imperfect. I believe we are here to grow, learn and enjoy.

It’s that simple, Beliefs and Choices…

(see further down for a fun way to begin shifting your beliefs and choices)

Recently judgement showed up with a new client. She went on vacation and had a wonderful time as is typically the goal of vacation, right? It was what showed up after she came home.

“I spent too much money, didn’t get enough sleep and my eating was terrible. And now I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to get going in my life. I’m feeling heavy and down and its hard to get back into my exercise routine. My sleep isn’t restful and I’m feeling so scattered it’s hard to think clearly. Why did I do this to myself? “

Have you ever felt like this ?

Another client was feeling excited about the beginning of a new relationship and then focused on and questioned every word she said or typed to her new interest. Constant hyper focus and questioning of her actions and words because she likes this guy AND she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

“Should I have said that? Do you think he’ll be okay that I said that? Was it too much? Am I too much? I haven’t heard back yet and its been a few days, should I call? Is he really into me?”

Making new choices does not eliminate the judge. Who is the judge? The judge is the voice you adopt,perhaps from hearing it from someone(s) that influenced you in life?
The judge voice takes you down, disapproves and criticizes your choices and YOU.

The judge is the “SHOULD” voice saying
(say these out loud)

· I spent too much money

· Spending too much on myself

· I should’ve done this or shouldn’t have said that

· I should’ve taken better care of myself

· Should’ve know better

· This person takes up too much space…is too much; is insecure, doesn’t know their place, lack of self awareness….when speaking of someone besides yourself.

· I’m not NOT doing enough of this or that

· Did I make the right decision?

· Don’t feel seen by loved ones

· Feeling down

· Feeling heavy

· Feeling unmotivated

· Need to _____ more

· I dread holding my boundaries because I don’t want conflict

· Comparisons…wow you do that so well, I don’t do that well at all…(what isn’t being said about how that makes you feel)

· I’m Too sensitive

· I Feel stupid

· Taking on conflict with others or someone else’s anger as if you are solely the one responsible

· I’m too loud or too soft. I’m too…TOO or not enough

Did you feel the slowing down and heaviness of your energy as you read or said these words?

How would you feel about someone speaking the way you speak to yourself, to your child (and if you’re not a parent, insert a loved one)?

The harshness and heavy energy of The Judge lowers your vibe and shrinks your self-esteem and self-love. It’s  what causes you to be unable to fully trust your decisions. It affects how you show up in life and the choices you make.

There is another side of the JUDGE which I highly recommend you embrace and harness. It’s the power of the judge to make decisions and hold boundaries, self-care decisions.

If you’re super self-critical, then know you also have the amazing power to make strong decisions honoring you. Harnessing this power, you make it work for you instead of existing in the shadows to keep you down and beat you up.

I’ve been there. I work with clients all the time who live there. We choose to harness the power of the judge. I know it’s possible for me. I live it.
I know it’s possible for you too.

You don’t have to know how. That’s where I come in supporting you step by step to move forward. I guided clients in both situations through the layers of awareness using high level intuitive guidance as I redirected their energy with energy healing.

Over time as they moved through my LoveU program…they began seeing and believing they could live life as they’ve always dreamed. They made different choices moving into stages of gratitude and holding boundaries.

As each of them continued through the program: their exhaustion left; their energy became more invigorated; they nourished their bodies; they trusted; relationships flourished; Businesses grew, and money flowed.

My clients learned to harness the power of the Judge and not banish part of themselves into the shadows.

Here is where it gets fun…are you up for it?

What would your life be like if you accepted  yourself and didn’t beat yourself up?

I challenge you to the
“I AM TREASURED Challenge”.

1. Try it for 5 days. Let me know you’re in through a comment on my facebook page @Marnihealer

2. Set the intention to catch yourself before/during/after you’re criticizing yourself or your actions

3. Create an affirmation to say OUT LOUD and in your head throughout your day from the moment you wake up until you close your eyes in dream land. Affirmations like: I am treasured; I am supported; I am trust; I am LOVE

4. CHOOSE to change what you say, Even if it’s after the fact, to a more positive statement.

5. Share your daily wins or struggles with me at Marni Intuitive Energy Healer on FB so you can receive support.

6. Share at the end of the 5 days, what you’re noticing and how you feel.

WHY do this challenge?

1. It helps you create and develop awareness as you align your energy to more deeply love and accept yourself.

This does not mean you say NO to reflection. You still reflect about your choices, your feelings and your actions, YET after you reflect, YOU choose implementation of your awareness in a new non-critical manner, non-beat up thoughts.

2. You’ll develop new habits harnessing the power of decisions and accepting yourself.

This shows up as more trust, more ease, more celebrations, and gratitude.

I mean we can’t change the past, right?

All you can do with the past is learn from it; CHOOSE to repeat it OR try something different. And that’s how we learn, right?

I’m super excited for to hear what you uncover and how it impacts your life.

I’d love to hear from you and help you.

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